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Course Schedules

Course information is available by semester and by academic department in:

Students register for classes for the following semester with the Registrar’s Office, as long as they have no account holds. 

Cabrini reserves the right to cancel any course that has insufficient enrollment.

Class Attendance

Cabrini students are responsible for class attendance and to know from the instructor’s course syllabus what is required.

  • In most subjects, attendance is required to complete course objectives.
  • Short-term absences (one to three classes for illness, funerals, accidents, etc.) should be reported directly to the instructor.
  • Long-term absences (more than three classes) should be reported to Academic Affairs. 
  • Medical or other documentation may be required.

Students are responsible for material, assignments, or examinations given during classes they miss. Absences from class may result in a lower grade or course failure.

Students who officially represent Cabrini at intercollegiate athletic events (games and tournaments, not practice sessions) are excused from classes that conflict with those events.

  • Intercollegiate Athletic Release form required
    • Due to the instructor, usually at the start of the semester but always in advance of the absence
  • Students will not be penalized for missing that class, but are responsible for making up any classwork missed.

If the nature of the class requires extensive in-class participation for successful completion of the course, the student might want to schedule it at another time after discussion with the instructor.

Auditing or Repeating a Course

Students wishing to enrich their academic background without the responsibility of preparing for final examinations may audit courses.

Students failing a required course or earning an unacceptable grade in a department-required course must repeat that course at Cabrini to satisfy requirements.

  • Audit or repeat status must be declared when registering.

If a course is repeated, a process is run at the end of the semester that removes the impact of the original grade from the cumulative averages (earned credits, GPA credits, GPA Points, and Term GPA), and includes the impact of the repeated grade in the term and cumulative averages. The original grade remains on the transcript but the impact is removed from cumulative averages.

Studying Elsewhere

Courses taken elsewhere require the signature of the advisor, department chair, and dean for academic affairs on an “Approval for Credit Taken at Other Institutions” form, available in the Registrar’s Office.

Grades from courses taken elsewhere are not computed in the cumulative average, except courses taken by full-time students during fall or spring at institutions with reciprocal agreements (e.g., Rosemont College, Valley Forge Military College, Eastern University).

Course Waivers

Occasionally, students may receive waivers exempting them from certain course requirements because of demonstrated ability to complete higher-level work or previous work or academic experience.

Students do not receive any credit for a waived course.