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Cabrini's student poster presentations at the Symposium

Cabrini Day - Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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This year’s theme is COVID-19 and Human Dignity

Links to view the recordings of most Cabrini Day presentations are below. Those listed (NR) were not recorded.


  1. "COVID-19 and healthcare changes" Chelsey Szuttor
  2. "How are we better prepared for the next pandemic?" Alaina Kline, Kiara Moore, Jordan Shemonski and Lauren Acchione
  3. COVID-19 on the Rise" Hannah Boone, Tyler McKlaine, Jessie Kargbo, Aaron Osborne

| 10:15am-10:30am | SESSION 2: COVID-19 & MENTAL HEALTH 

  1. "The impact of Pandemic on Mental Health" Shaiann Lyde 
  2. "The impact of Pandemic on Mental Health" Ramirez, Jocelyn
  3. "Coping strategies during pandemic" Madison Stief
  4. "COVID Crisis in College: Relationships and Mental Health" Kerrie Habicht, Jenna Keller, Kaitlyn Wagner


  1. "Engaging young people in civic life" Abeni Cooper, Khief Chungag, Gianna Debro, Skyler Kellers, Tom Moritz, Taliyah Newton, Hannah Poggi, Jake Rutledge
  2. "The application of Integration Human Development in San Lucas, Guatemala" Aislinn Walsh and Amy Kodrick

| 10:45am-11:00am | SESSION 4: COVID-19 & IMMIGRATION 

  1. “Healthcare system and non-US citizens" Elizabeth Newton (NR)
  2. "Immigration during COVID-19" Orlyany Sanchez (NR)
  3. "Latino Immigration & COVID-19" Riley Hunte (NR)
  4. "Impact of COVID-19 on undocumented immigrants in the US" Jonathan Sequeira
  5. "Sex trafficking with Latinos throughout the pandemic" Megan Gebhart (NR)

| 11:00am-11:15am | SESSION 5: COVID-19 & HUMAN RIGHTS 

  1. "COVID-19 and human rights" Kilsary Abreu, Christina DiGiovanni, Quinn Donovan, Sophia Goussetis, Matthew Lawson, Meghan Mahoney, Taylor Rodzewich
  2. "Trapped: COVID-19 & Domestic Violence" Abby West, Na’Im Roberts, Sara Hanley
  3. "Race Relations And The Black Experience" Cox-Mason,Yamar


  1. "The Effect COVID-19 Has on Latinos' Jobs" Gianna Haldaman
  2. "COVID-19 Disproportionately Affects Latinos in Infection/Mortality Rates, Unemployment, and Economic Impact." Leo Melancon (NR)
  3. "Latino Struggles" Misty Spang
  4. "Assessing the impact of pandemic on Latin Communities" Sanders Jacqueline


  1. "Virtual Learning in Latinx Communities" Matthew Rutherford
  2. "COVID-19 & the challenges of learning" Griffin Rogers, Breyonna Baker, and Anthony Conte (NR)
  3. "Holy Spirit Library’s COVID-19 Response" Vanesa Evers

| 11:45am-12:00PM | SESSION 8: COVID-19 & CLIMATE CHANGE 

  1. Climate change and COVID-19" Nicole Barycki
  2. "COVID-19 and environment" Qureshi Anousha

See a recording of the Keynote Presentation here - 

COVID-19 took the world by storm, taking hundreds of thousands of lives and disrupting the lives of millions across the globe. The pandemic deprived our sense of “normalcy.” It forced us to reprioritize our relationships and reconsider our routines and our interactions. The virus and the subsequent lockdowns, which have brought to light the flaws in the economic system, have left tens of millions of Americans unemployed, thousands subject to evictions, and school lunch programs fell short of feeding kids as the lockdowns started. Schools and colleges had to move classes online, which made it harder for students to succeed academically. Some students did not have high-speed connectivity, some did not have computers, and others were struggling with anxiety and the mental toll the pandemic caused. The long-term quarantines and economic hardships have exacerbated mental-health-related struggles and issues such as a rise in domestic violence, suicide, and drug abuse. Certain groups of society have disproportionately experienced the negative effects of the pandemic. Low-income communities in both urban and rural areas—especially in the Black and Latino demographic— struggle to access healthcare, pay rent, and maintain a dignified life. 

For any information or questions, contact CabriniDay2020@cabrini.edu 


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