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Institutional Review Board

Welcome to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) website. This website provides important details about the role of the IRB, our policies, membership, and the process by which you obtain IRB approval for a reserach study.  Please review all the contents on this first page as the informaiton here will guide you moving forward. If you are student researcher, please review the student handbook to learn more about the IRB process. Student Handbook

Purpose of the IRB:  The Institutional Review Board is governed by federal guidelines to review safety measures around all human subjects research.  Although a research project may be part of a class, the IRB application is professional document and must be submitted as such--free of errors and meeting the requirements of the IRB.  Any protocol not meeting these criteria will be rejected regardless of the implications these may have for the course for which the research is being conducted. We strongly encourage both faculty and students to review the Student Handbook and Example protocol in great detail to help guide them as they prepare their own protocols. 

When do you need IRB approval: Research that involves active, human participants might be required to be submitted to a review process that ensures the best data, safety for participating subjects, and best research practices.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) review is required when:

IRB approval is not required when data collection is part of: 

  • normal educational practices
  • journalistic surveys or interviews
  • oral histories, biographies, or case studies not meant for generalizeable purposes
  • institutional or quality assessment

Projects that do not require IRB review might still present risks to human participants and thus call for the assurance of ethical principles and protocol.

Researchers and faculty advisors have primary responsibility for ensuring that any activities involving human participants are handled ethically.

If unsure about IRB review, please contact the IRB Chair to assist in deciding how to proceed.

Timeline for Receiving IRB approval: Exempt and expedited protocols are processed on an ongoing schedule. Full board reviews are conducted at scheduled meetings.  A full board review is conducted when a reserach project has higher risk or uses a volunerable sample such as children, prisnors, pregnant women, as well as other groups (click on "full review" on the left for a full list).  The current schedule for full board reviews is as follows:

  • Deadline for materials to be submitted to the IRB:  6/17/2020  Reviewed on: 6/25/2020

The IRB will schedule full reviews as they are recieved.  We will make every effort to review all protocols at the next scheduled meeting, however if the submission numbers are high this may not be possible. Please plan accordingly.

Paperwork to Include in your IRB Application: When submitting your application for review, you need to include a protocol form, description of the research, approval for data collection when applicable, and a copy of a Training Certificate.  If the reserach is being conducted by a student, the faculty member must serve as PI. The student may be listed as co-PI. After creating all your documents, merge them into a single pdf file and email them to irb@cabrin.edu.  


  • Use this link to get to the protocol form that must be completed IRB Review Timeline, Request, and Paperwork 
  • Use this example to help guide you as your write up your application.
  • Use this link to access the ethical training that all individuals involved in reserach must complete http://tcps2core.ca/welcome At the end of the training, you will be given a certificate to include in your IRB application.
  • Merge ALL documents into ONE pdf file.
  • Submit the completed Protocol Request Form to IRB@cabrini.edu.

IRB Policies:  The IRB has developed policies based on the federal guidelines that oversee IRBs.  Click on the policy page to see a listing of these.  


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