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Move-In Information

As President Taylor has stated, residence life will put in place measures to assist with physical distancing and the Move-in process. The design for this year’s Move-in considers your health and safety as our priority. Knowing such, we ask all students to make the appropriate plans and adhere to appointment times and directions to ensure you and the community are safe. 

Residence Life has developed a plan, inviting residential students to schedule Drop-off appointments between August 10 -August 23 during the weeks prior to Residence Life opening starting on August 28. 

You will be asked to select and sign up online for a specific date and time to come to campus to drop off most of your belongings you intend to bring in August. Detailed instructions will be provided. It is imperative you adhere to the schedule so we can accommodate everyone and comply with appropriate social distancing guidelines. Detailed instructions on how to sign up will be sent via email to all incoming and returning students by July 23.  

To take part in the Drop-off or the Move-in Process you must be in good financial standing with the University and MUST BE CLEARED BY CAVALIER EXPRESS. Please contact Cavalier Express Center at (610) 902-8188 to confirm you are cleared. 

Below is an outline of the Drop-off and Move-in schedule. 

  • Week of July 20- Drop-off appointments will become available through an online form sent via the students' University email for all incoming and returning students. Students will schedule a two-hour block to move in their items to their location between August 10- August 23. Appointments times are limited per building and floor. We have made an ample amount of time slots available to accommodate everyone however, your first preferences may not be available. Please contact reslife@cabrini.edu if you find that you have a conflict. 
  • August 3-7: First-year students, who cannot make a Drop-off appointment, may sign up for a move in time on Friday, August 28. Students and families will have 1 hour to unload items. Students and families who may need more time, we suggest you schedule a drop off appointment. All students who have dropped off their items will be able to return starting at 12:30pm on Friday, August 28, 2020. After 12:30 pm, only residents of the building may enter the residence halls.  

Upper-class students may sign up for a move-in time on Saturday, August 29, and Sunday, August 30. Students who have dropped off their items may return to their buildings starting at 3pm on Sunday, August 30. Upper-class families and friends assisting with move-in must vacate the residence halls by 3pm on Sunday, August 30 to accommodate the arrival of the other residents. 

  • August 10-23: Drop-off appointments will occur for students who are within a drivable distance. It is strongly recommended for anyone within 200 miles to register for a Drop-off appointment. Students who come on these dates are here to drop off and unload personal items. We do not suggest fully unpacking however, it is recommended to bring all items necessary to move in. Students will not be residing in the residence halls until August 28 for first-year students and August 30 for upper-class students. Please read below about picking up pre-ordered books at the bookstore during your appointment. 
  • Friday, August 28 - First-Year Move-In day: Students who previously scheduled a Drop-off appointment will be allowed to return to campus at 12:30 pm and reside in the buildings as the first official day and the start of Orientation. Parents and guests will not be allowed in the residence halls at that time. Only residents who reside in the building will be able to enter. Students who scheduled a Move-in appointment will have 1 hour to unload their vehicles and then may unpack after your vehicle is moved to the general parking outside of the unloading zones. All parents and family members must leave the building by 12:30pm to accommodate the remaining residents. We recommend you taking advantage of the activities and areas outside on campus that are available for families to continue saying good-byes.  
  • Saturday, August 29-30: Upper-class Extended Move-In. Starting August 3 students will be able to sign up for move-in appointments. Students who scheduled a Move-in appointment will have 1 hour to unload their vehicles and then may unpack after your vehicle is moved to the general parking outside of the unloading zones. Move-In appointments are not available for students who scheduled a drop-off appointment. 
  • Sunday, August 30: Upper-class move-in appointments will continue up until 3pm. Move-in for residents who previously scheduled a drop off appointment are able to move in and reside in the building after 3pm. At this time, family or guests will not be able to enter the building past this time. 

The drop-off and move-in process was carefully designed to adhere to social distancing guidelines by not having too many residents on campus or in buildings at one time. Residence Life will be restricting the number of people residents can bring to help drop off and unload belongings (each resident may bring 2 additional persons), and by limiting how long residents can stay on campus (end times by which you must complete drop-off and depart will be provided). 

Per-ordered book pick up  

Students who Pre-Order Books online may pick up their items at the bookstore during their drop-off appointments. The bookstore will be open the following hours on August 10-August 23 to accommodate students with Drop off appointments. You will only be able to come to campus if you have an appointment. Questions contact the store directly at 610-902-8526 for ordering assistance. 

  • Monday-Friday 9:00 am- 4:00 pm  
  • Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am-2:00 pm 

Everyone on campus will need a mask, so please make plans to be ready for this. Just like all move-in and move-out, you may wish to bring a dolly or a handcart to move things from your vehicle to your room. As we get further into the process, we will supply more details about preparations that could make move-in go as smoothly and quickly as possible. 


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