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Return Home



We are all excited for your arrival!!

Please take 5 minutes to review the instructions so the process goes smoothly for everyone involved.


Some key highlights and reminders:


FOR ALL STUDENTS: All resident students must be cleared for move-in by the Cavalier Express Center. Students who are not cleared for move-in will not receive a key. Please make sure to check https://portal.cabrini.edu to ensure that your bill is satisfied. If you are not sure or have questions, please call the Cavalier Express Center at 610-902-8188. You will also need to have submitted a valid Vaccination card or an approved exemption. Please fill out the Student Vaccination Survey if you have not done so.



  1. Enter from the Upper Gulph Road Entrance. DO NOT use the King of Prussia entrance. Cars attempting to enter campus using the King of Prussia Road entrance will not be able to join the cars in line for move-in and will be re-directed to the Upper Gulph Road entrance. This will significantly delay your arrival to your residence hall.


  1. DO NOT go directly to the residence hall. You will be unable to park, and room keys are only distributed at the central check-in at the Upper Gulph Road entrance.


  1. Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time, check your email to confirm your appointment. All students received an appointment time please come at your selected or assigned appointment to assist with general traffic and flow of the process.

We will have community members assisting students moving in, we ask that a driver stay with the vehicle at all time. Once a student unloads their items public safety and staff will direct the driver to the nearest parking area.


4 You are allowed a Maximum of 2 persons to assist in your move in process. While this is a family event we can only allow so many people per students for the safety of the community. All guests and residents need to be masked while in the residence halls.

Again, all students should review the move-in instructions found at: https://www.cabrini.edu/about/departments/residence-life/move-in

We look forward to your arrival!!

If you have any questions, please email reslife@cabrini.edu or call 610-902-8410. If you can not make your time on Friday August 27. Please contact Residence Life to schedule another time later in the week. If you are no longer planning to live on campus please contact Reslife immediately.


Cabrini University

610 King of Prussia Road




Move-In Information - Fall 2021:

Residence Life will continue the Drop-and-Go process to assist with distancing and to assist the Move-in process. The Drop and Go process was a successful option as it gave students more time to unpack and make the August 27th Move in day more enjoyable and less stressful to move everything all at once. Knowing such, we ask all students to make the appropriate plans and adhere to appointment times and directions to ensure the process is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Residence Life is inviting residential students to schedule Drop-and-Go appointments between August 13- 20 during the weeks prior to Residence Life opening starting on August 27.

You will be asked to select and sign up online for a specific date and time to come to campus to drop off majority of your belongings you intend to bring in August. Detailed instructions will be provided. It is imperative you adhere to the schedule so we can accommodate everyone and comply with any COVID mitigations guidelines. Detailed instructions on how to sign up was sent via email to all incoming and returning students on July 23.

To take part in the Drop and Go or the Move-in Process your financial obligation must be paid in full, and you must have completed the Student Vaccination Survey.

If you have not yet responded to the STUDENT VACCINATION SURVEY (required), please do so now:


Questions about your status or remaining bill, please contact Cavalier Express Center at (610) 902-8188. Residence Life will not give access to the residence halls or uphold appointment times for students who have an outstanding bill. You may schedule an appointment, however please make the necessary steps to ensure you do not have an outstanding item with the Cavalier Express Center by the day of your appointment.

If you have not already done so, please submit a picture to idcard@cabrini.edu so that a student ID card can be made and be ready when you arrive on campus.  If you do not submit a picture in advance, there could be a 45 minute wait to get your student ID card. 

Returning students will use their ID cards from the prevous year.

Below is an outline of the Drop-and-Go and Move-in schedule:

Starting July 23 Scheduling Drop-and-Go Appointments- Appointments will become available through an online form sent via the students' University email for all incoming and returning students. Students will schedule a 90-minute block to park to move in their items to their location between August 13- August 20. Once vehicles are unloaded all vehicles should be moved out of the unloading zones. Appointments times are limited per building. We have made ample amount of time slots available to accommodate everyone however, your first preferences may not be available. Please contact reslife@cabrini.edu if you find that you have a conflict. Drop and Go appointments are not available for student leaders who already have a scheduled early arrival date; this includes Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders, and early arrival athletes. Student leaders with pre-existing check-in date will be able to move in early at their designated time. Deadline for Drop and Go appointments is August 6th.

Week of August 2 Scheduling Move-in Appointments:

All students will be required to schedule a Move-in Appointment.

First Year Students are required to sign up for a time on Friday, August 27. Students and families who need more time to move in and unpack we recommend trying to schedule an earlier time. We request students who may be local and or have taken advantage of the Drop and Go process to schedule at some of the later times available. After 12:30 pm, only residents of the building may enter the residence halls, as Orientation will soon begin. Limited assistance will be provided to accommodate all students who are arriving. Please bring any move in equipment that may be needed.

All Upper-class students will be required to schedule a move-in time for Saturday, August 28, or Sunday August 29. To control parking and access of students, all residents will be able to move in based on their appointment times. Students will have 60 minutes to unload items and then move their vehicles out of the unloading zones; Residential drive will be restricted as an unloading zone only. Parking on residential drive will resume to normal parking after 5:00pm, Sunday, August 29. Upper-class families and friends assisting with move in must vacate the residence halls by 5:00pm on your scheduled day of move in.

August 13-20 Drop-and-Go Days:

Appointments will occur for students who are within a drivable distance. It is strongly recommended for anyone within 200 miles to register for a Drop-and-Go appointment. Students who come on these dates are here to drop off personal items. We do not suggest fully unpacking however, it is recommended to bring all items necessary to move in. Students will not be residing in the residence halls until August 27 for first year students and August 28 or 29 for upper-class students. We suggest bringing any larger or heavier items in at these times as their will be less crowds and more elevator availability. Be sure to pack your own moving equipment if needed. Please note Woodcrest Hall does not have elevators.

Friday, August 27 First Year Move-In day:

Students are required to schedule a Move-in appointment, during the appointment students will have 30 minutes to unload their vehicles. It is recommended to unload vehicle, then unpack after your vehicle is moved to the general parking outside of the unloading zones. A driver must remain at the vehicle; however, assistance will be provided by the University Move-in Crew. All parents and family members must leave the building by 12:30 pm to accommodate the remaining residents. We recommend you taking advantage of the activities and areas outside on campus that are available for families to continue saying good-byes.

Saturday, August 28, and Sunday August 29:

Upper-class Extended Move-In. Starting August 5th students will be able to sign up for Move in appointments. Students who scheduled a Move-in appointment will have 1 hour to unload their vehicles and then may unpack after your vehicle is moved to the general parking outside of the unloading zones. Students will not have access to unloading areas unless they have a move-in appointment.

Sunday, August 29:

Move-in for residents who are approved and who have not scheduled a move-in appointment may move in and reside in the building after 3:00pm. Keys will not be administered after 3:00pm. Family or helpers will not be able to enter the building past this time 5:00pm.

The drop-off and move-in process was carefully designed to adhere guidelines by not having too many residents on campus or in buildings at one time. Residence life will be restricting the number of people residents can bring to help drop off and unload belongings (each resident may bring 2 additional persons), and by limiting how long residents can stay on campus (end times by which you must complete drop-off and depart will be provided).

Everyone on campus will need a mask, so please make plans to be ready for this. Just like all move-in and move-out, you may wish to bring a dolly or a handcart to move things from your vehicle to your room. As we get further into the process, we will supply more details about preparations that could make move-in go as smoothly and quickly as possible.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. We continue to wish you well and a safe summer and we will be back in touch as soon as possible with next steps.










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