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Move-In Information

New First Year Students

Check-in for new first-year students is Friday, Aug. 23, 2019 between 7:30am and 11:30am. New transfer students are invited to move in on Thursday, August 22 prior to Transfer Orientation (also on Thursday, August 22).

The information that follows is only for those arriving on Friday, August 23, 2019.  All students arriving before August 23 should see the "Early Arrival" tab to the left.  Returning students move in on Sunday, August 25 and can find their move-in information at the very bottom of this page.  *NOTE: There is no Saturday move-in. 

All vehicles arriving for move-in on Friday, August 23, 2019 must enter campus using the Upper Gulph Road entrance to campus (view campus map). Township police will be on Upper Gulph Road assisting cars arriving to campus. 

Three (3) important notes:

1. DO NOT use the King of Prussia entrance. Cars attempting to enter campus using the King of Prussia Road entrance will not be able to join the cars in line for move-in and will be re-directed to the Upper Gulph Road entrance. This will significantly delay your arrival to your residence hall.

2. DO NOT go directly to the residence hall. You will be unable to park, and room keys are only distributed at the central check-in at the Upper Gulph Road entrance. 

3. All resident students must be cleared for move-in by the Cavalier Express Center.  Students who are not cleared for move-in will not receive a key.  Please make sure to check https://portal.cabrini.edu to ensure that your bill is satisfied.  If you are not sure or have questions, please call the Cavalier Express Center at 610-902-8188.

When you arrive on Friday, August 23 at the Upper Gulph Road entrance to campus, you will be greeted and receive your room key, student ID card, instructions on next steps to proceed to your residence hall, and an Orientation packet.

Move-In Times by Residence Hall: 

Time slots for Move-In are designated below:

  •  7:30 AM:  East 3rd Floor, Woodcrest 3rd Floor
  •  8:30 AM:  East 2nd Floor, Woodcrest 2nd Floor, Xavier Rooms 100-144
  •  9:30 AM:  East 4th Floor, Woodcrest 1st Floor, Xavier Rooms 150-184
  • 10:30 AM: East 1st Floor, Xavier 2nd Floor

Please adhere to this schedule to help make the move-in process as smooth as possible.

Important and helpful information for everyone

  1. Patience and a positive attitude is the best thing to bring to campus.
  2. Please bring something with the new student’s name and ID number with you upon arrival.  This can be a letter received from Cabrini or the student's name and ID neatly printed on an index card.  This will be handed to a staff member who will greet you.  You will remain in your car. 
  3. You will be given written instructions to read while you remain in your vehicle and in line with everyone else.  The line will continue to move; you will not park unless directed to park.  Now is also a good time to share this:  If you are considering bringing more than one vehicle to transport your belongings, you are likely bringing too much with you.
  4. When you reach the next two check points, you will receive your room key, ID card, welcome bag, and Orientation nametag (while you are still in the car!  I know – this is exciting!).  You will then be directed to your residence hall.  Please proceed slowly and carefully through campus for the safety of our community. 
  5. When your vehicle arrives at your residence hall, all of your belongings will be unloaded.  This typically takes 5-10 minutes.  Everything will be removed from the vehicle before anything is carried into the residence hall.  Unloaded vehicles will then be directed to park away from the residence hall to make room for the next arriving student.  The driver will leave the residence hall area before or at the same time your belongings start their trip into the residence hall.  This is your first “community” activity – keep the traffic and flow moving so those behind you can arrive as quickly as possible.   
  6. You’re going to LOVE this next partThe volunteer move-in crew (wearing royal blue shirts) will be ready to help lift and carry boxes, bags, crates, and even suitcases.  Please make sure everything that you bring has your name on it.  Labels, tape, and other common ways to mark your belongings are all helpful in keeping your items together during move-in.  Remember:  A lot of people are moving in = there are a lot of boxes, bags, suitcases, etc. and many of them look the same.
  7. New students must wait two (2) weeks into the semester to request any adjustments to their residence hall rooms (if possible - some room set-ups cannot be changed).
  8. If you live within a drivable distance, you do not need to bring “everything.”  Your winter clothes can remain at home until the temperature drops. 
  9. Did we say yet that the patience and positive attitude of the person(s) bringing the student to campus will have a POSITIVE effect on our new student?  And students:  everyone is a little anxious today, including your parents/guardians.  They have invested MANY years in you and they have never dropped you off for this long of a period of time. Being "Cabrianian" includes saying thank you and being kind.
  10. If you are bringing furniture that needs to be assembled, please remember to bring the tools for assembly.
  11. If have not yet submitted your headshot photo for your ID Card, please send your photo today to IDcard@cabrini.edu 
  12. And finally, if you read ALL of these instructions, understand them, and believe you will follow them because it is going to help you upon your arrival, please write to reslife@cabrini.edu from your Cabrini email account to creatively let us know you are ready and raring to go!  We will then select a number of responses to reward them with Cabrini swag. 

 PS:  Those who read instructions over the next four years will be MORE successful than those who do not.  It’s true.


Returning Student Check-In

Check-in for returning students is Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019.

There are designated move-in times that correspond to the residence hall you have been assigned to. This has been organized to assist you with the move-in process.

Please pick-up your key and move- in during the following times:

  • South Residence Hall- 12:00 pm- 2:00 pm
  • West Residence Hall- 1:30 pm- 3:30 pm
  • Cabrini Apartment Complex (CAC)- 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm
  • All other residence halls can arrive between 12:00 pm- 5:00 pm
    • Please read the additional information below. 
  • Students need to pick-up their key during their designated pick-up time in Grace Hall. 
  • Residence Life staff will only be available during this time to distribute keys.
  • Public Safety will not be allowed to let students into their rooms if they have not checked in with Residence Life.
  • Returning students who are not able to arrive by 5:00pm may check in the following day in the Residence Life office between 9:00am and 4:30pm.

Contact Residence Life at reslife@cabrini.edu with any questions or concerns.

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