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Cabrini students in a residence hall

Residence Halls

Residence halls play an important role in resident students’ lives.

Residential students spend more time in their residence hall than any other place on campus.

Cabrini offers a lot of options in residence halls, from single, double, triple, and quad rooms in co-ed halls and houses, to shared suites and apartments that can house up to six (6) residents. 

All residence halls at Cabrini have a professional staff member or graduate assistant who oversees the building and at least one resident assistant who lives in the hall.

Meeting lifelong friends, making connections with the university, and easy access to campus resources are just a few of the advantages to living on campus.

It is also our belief that providing residents with out-of-the-classroom educational opportunities enables students to become well-rounded individuals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Resident Students

Whom do I contact for regular maintenance issues?

Entering a Facilities Service request is the quickest way to request service and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please include as many details as possible in your request. 

What are the regular business hours of the Facilities Department?

The Facilities Department office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm, and can be reached at 610.902.8242. If you have an emergency beyond normal business hours, please call Public Safety at 610.902.8111, which will then activate our 24-hour on call system, if necessary.

What is an emergency maintenance issue?

Water leaking from a ceiling, electrical power problems and any other obvious safety issues would be examples of emergency maintenance.

How do I identify a maintenance worker?

Each member of the Facilities Department will have a college ID badge to identify themselves at all times.

When can a maintenance worker enter my residence room?

Facilities staff members will only enter a residence room if permission to enter has been given by the resident or a staff member from the Office of Residence Life. Facilities staff members are instructed to knock loudly at least three (3) times before entering a student’s room. At that point the mechanic will loudly announce his presence before entering the room. 

* When entering a Facilities Service Request please always state whether you are giving permission for a staff member to enter your room.

Whom do I call if I am locked out of my room?

During normal business hours of 9am-5pm, please go to the Office of Residence Life, which is located in Woodcrest Hall. If this occurs after hours, please contact Public Safety at 610.902.8111.

What is the normal temperature of a residence room?

The Facilities Department temperature set points are (68 degrees) during the heating season and (75 degrees) during the cooling season. If you feel your room does not fall within these guidelines, please enter a Facilities Work Request.

Whom do I contact if a washer or dryer is not working?

Submit a  Facilities Work Request.

Whom should I contact if my data connection is not operating properly?

The ITR Office should be contacted at 610.902.8366.

How do I reach housekeeping?

If you need to request services from housekeeping, please put in a Facilities Work Request. 

What areas are housekeeping responsible to clean throughout the school year?

Housekeeping cleans the common areas of all the Residence Halls throughout the school year. Any internal areas of living spaces are the responsibility of the resident.

Whom do I contact about recycling?

If you are in need of a recycling container on your floor, please submit a Facilities Work Request providing the location.

In the event of a snow storm whom can I contact to borrow a shovel to dig out my car?

After providing proper identification, Public Safety (601.902.8111) or Facilities (610.902.8242) would be happy to let you borrow one of our shovels as long as it is returned. 

If I am having problems with the furniture in my room, who should I contact?

Bedroom furniture is set prior to resident student arrival to best serve the number of students in each room.  If a change to this arrangement is absolutely necessary, Please enter a Facilities Work Request. 

Furniture requests are typically completed within a week of when they are requested.

LOFTED BEDS:  Only beds located in Woodcrest Hall and the Houses can be lofted. Beds will not be lofted in any other residence hall.  To request a bed loft, submit a Facilities Work Request. 

Please note that NO beds will be lofted until two weeks after the start of the Fall Semester.

Only trained Facilities personnel are permitted to bunk or loft beds in the residence halls. 

Any damage to University furnishings will be the responsibility of the resident.

Also, please keep in mind when requesting bed bunking or lofting that the top bunk on both sits approximately six feet off the ground. 

The mission of the Facilities Department is to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable living and learning environment.  

Have a great Semester!