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Cabrini students in a residence hall

Residence Life

More than just a residence hall or a place to sleep, Cabrini’s residence halls are where our students live for most of the year and spend most of their time outside of class.

Residence Life is dedicated to promoting a secure and welcoming living/learning community that provides an enjoyable experience, valuing individuals as engaged and socially responsible members of their community. 

 The Office of Residential Life is committed in providing quality living, programs and services that support the academic mission of Cabrini University. In order to carry out this mission, we believe in the following principles:

  • Providing safe, secure, clean and reasonably priced residential environments conducive to the academic and personal development of the student;
  • Providing services, programs and activities, which encourage students to mature intellectually, emotionally and spiritually so as to add value to their community and society at large;
  • Selecting and training professional and paraprofessional staff committed to developing residential communities which emphasize student development principles;
  • Providing residential environments that honor human diversity which embrace students as individuals – each with rights and responsibilities – each with unique goals and needs.

Residential Guest and Visitation Policy (updated 3/28/22)

Residential Guest and Visitation Policy 

The University’s policies on guests and visitation are anchored in a concern for residence hall security, the privacy rights of roommates and building residents, and the maintenance of an atmosphere conducive to academic achievement. Hosting guests is a privilege, not a right, which can facilitate personal and social development and enhance the quality of life on campus. Should residents of a room or area disagree about a visitor’s presence, the right of a student to live in privacy takes precedence over the roommate to entertain a guest in the room. The University has set the following policies concerning registering guests and visitation hours.  

Guest and Visitor Guidelines 

  • Having guests/visitors visit in the residence halls is a privilege, not a right- and may be revoked due to violations of the code of conduct. 
  • Host: A residential student who takes responsibility for a guest or visitor.  
  • Guest: Any person who is not a resident of the residence hall or room that they have entered. 
  • Overnight Guest: anyone who stays beyond the visitation hours Overnight Guests must be registered through the Overnight Guest Registration System 
  • Visitation Hours for the residence halls are established as follows: 
    • Sunday-Thursday 10am-12pm
    • Friday and Saturday 10am-2am 
  • All guests/ visitors must be signed into buildings where a Desk Assistant is present during Front Desk Hours by using a valid photo identification (driver’s license, University ID). All other time students are self-regulated based on University policies. 
  • No overnight Guests and visitors during Cav Community Days (first two week of the semester) and exam weeks. Guests during visitation hours are limited to current members of Cabrini University community only. 
  • First-year Residents:  
  • Overnight guests of the opposite sex are not permitted in residents’ rooms after visitation hours. Same gender guests are permitted overnight but must be registered through the Online Guest Registration process. Students are required to register overnight guests online by creating a new visitor pass through their MyHousing account under Visitor Pass.  
  • Upper-class Housing:
  • Students are required to register overnight guests online via an online form. Overnight guests and visitors must show a valid guest pass when requested.  
  • Upper-class residents have 24-hour visitation privileges, with consent of roommates(s). 
  • When a resident has a guest, they assume full responsibility for conduct and behavior of that guest even in the absence of the resident, and are subjected to disciplinary action because of their guests’ behavior. 
  • All guests/visitors must be met at the entrance of the facility and escorted by their host at all times. 
  • A guest may only remain overnight in a room if they have the permission of all assigned occupants of the room, suite, or apartment and have followed the appropriate sign in procedures. 
  • All guests must present their valid picture identification to register overnight or show at desks. These guest passes are only good for the building and date issued (Which overnight guests must carry at all times). Valid picture identification is limited to a driver’s license, state identification card, military identification card or a passport. 
  • Each resident can only sign in a maximum of two (2) guests (including overnight).  
  • Guests are not allowed to stay more than two (2) consecutive nights or more than four (4) total nights in a 30-day period.  
  • Guests may be denied permission to remain overnight or be a guest in the future by residence life staff. The guest shall be informed of the reasons when they are asked to leave. 
  • Any person living in or visiting the residence halls without permission is considered trespasser and will be asked to leave. 
  • Visitors must be fully vaccinated, including booster dose, and be 14 days post final vaccination. No exemptions will be provided for unvaccinated guests. 
  • Full cooperation from all residents is imperative to keeping our campus safe. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to modify guest privileges at any time as determined by the needs of the community and will notify students in advance of if changes are made.  
  • Visitors under the age of 18 are not permitted in the residents halls. Special permission for under 18 overnight visitors can only be obtained through specific university programs and programs i.e. admission visit days, athletic recruitment, Admissions Overnights.  

Responsibility of Host 

Hosts are ultimately responsible for the actions of their guests and visitors. When a resident has a guest, they assume full responsibility for the conduct of that guest even if they are separated in the building. We do hold guests and visitors accountable for our Residence Life Policies, the Student Conduct Code, and all University policies. Failure to follow the guest and visitor procedure or any University policy can result in a guest losing their privilege of visiting anyone on University campus. The host is subject to disciplinary action because of their guest’s behavior. A host is defined as the resident signing the guest into the room, and/or the student in the presence of the guest. 

Extended Stay 

Individuals remaining for an extended period are subject to a fine per night billed to assigned occupant/ resident. Extended periods are considered to be more than two (2) nights in any residence hall or beyond the allotted maximum nights with in the period. 

Absence of Occupants 

A guest may not occupy the hosts’ room/suite/apt in the absence of the host. The host must be in the presence of all guests at all times within the residence halls 

Maximum Occupancy 

Residents may have up to two (2) guest in accordance with the sign in procedures however; the maximum occupancy for any residential area shall not exceed double the designated occupancy + 1 person. 


Room Type 

Designated Occupancy 

Maximum Occupancy 

(2x Designate Occupancy) +1= 





South, West Suites, CAC Apt 

(4) Apartments/ Suite 



CAC Apartments, West  

(5)Apartments/ Suite 



CAC Apartments, West Suites 

(6) Apartment/ Suite 



 Denial of Accommodations 

Residence Life Staff or the Dean of Students may deny a guest permission to remain overnight or be a guest in the future. Appeals must be directed to Residence Life.