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Cabrini students in a residence hall

Room Changes

Below you will find information on the room change process for this year. Students are able to submit a room change request after the first two weeks of the semester. All room change requests are approved by the Assistant Director or Director of Residence Life. Below outlines the room change process.

Room Change Process:

Step 1. Students experiencing problems with a roommate should try to discuss the issue with their Resident Assistant (RA) before requesting a room change.

Step 2. Before offering a reassignment, Professional Staff will require that the student discuss the issues with their current roommate and may outline a mediation process before offering a new assignment. This step should occur before submitting a room change request.

Step 3. In order to have an approved room change, log into your MyHousing account and complete the Room Change application. The Room Change Application will be available for 3 weeks after the 2-week room change freeze period at the beginning of the semester.

Additional Information:

*Room Change Application Information will be available to students at the beginning of each semester.

*Room change requests are viewed on a first come, first serve basis.

* Residential Life reserves the right to approve or deny all room change requests.

* The semester cost for housing may vary from room to room. Students accepting a room change may be charged, depending on their new housing assignment. Before accepting a room change, please be certain to review current room rates here. Costs will be prorated in accord with the date of the room change.

* Generally, there are few vacancies available on campus to accommodate room change requests. Given this, we strongly encourage students to seek assistance from their Resident Assistants and proceed with the mediation process if the request is due to a roommate conflict.

* Room Changes are permitted at any point during the academic year.

How to login to your MyHousing account:

1. Log into your CabriniOne account (one.cabrini.edu) using your username and password.

2. Click on the student tab (located at the top)

3. Click on “myhousing” (located in the bottom right corner)

4. Located under the Application Tab at the top, click on Room Change Application

If you have any questions please email reslife@cabrini.edu.


Unauthorized Room Changes 

Unauthorized room changes result in a lot of confusion and present significant issues with respect to safety.

Students who change rooms without prior approval from the Assistant Director may be subject to disciplinary action, including fines and possible mandatory relocation.