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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students must make adequate academic progress toward their degrees to maintain eligibility for financial aid.

Satisfactory academic progress for federal financial aid (Title IV funds) is determined using both a quantitative and qualitative measure. 

These measures are taken at the end of each academic year. 

Duration of Eligibility 
Eligibility for financial aid is terminated if a student takes more than 150% of the established credit requirements to complete his/her course of study.

Undergraduate students cannot attempt more than 184.5 credits to meet their degree requirements.

  • Undergraduate students seeking a second bachelor’s degree may receive financial aid for an additional 90 credits
  • Graduate students cannot attempt more than 79.5 credits to meet their degree requirements

Quantitative Measure 
Undergraduate students must successfully complete 123 credits toward their degree to graduate.

  • To meet financial aid satisfactory academic progress, a student must successfully complete at least 67% (66.66%) of the cumulative credits attempted

Graduate students must successfully complete 30–53 credits toward their degree (depending on their program) to graduate.

  • To meet financial aid satisfactory academic progress, a graduate student must successfully complete at least 67% (66.66%) of the cumulative credits attempted 

Qualitative Measure 
Undergraduate students must achieve the following cumulative grade point average (GPA) to maintain financial aid satisfactory academic progress:

  • Zero to 26.9 credits must hold a GPA of 1.75
  • 27 to 56.9 credits must hold a GPA of 1.90
  • Above 57 credits must hold a GPA of 2.0

Graduate students must achieve a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) to maintain financial aid satisfactory academic progress.

Appealing the Financial Aid Measure of Academic Progress/Financial Aid Probation

A student who fails to meet satisfactory academic progress may appeal to have their financial aid eligibility continued.

Students requesting an appeal must complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form and submit it to the Director of Financial Aid by August 1st.

If the student's appeal is accepted, the student will be assigned a Probation status for the following year. An approved appeal will include a credible academic plan designed by the Center for Student Success that clearly shows how the student can be successful in meeting the academic progress requirements moving forward. The student must provide the Financial Aid Office with a copy of this academic plan. The student's aid eligiblity will not be restored unless and until they submit a copy of the academic plan, and the plan is approved by the Financial Aid Office.

  • The student may receive financial aid during this Probation period
  • The student must meet the appropriate academic standing by the end of the probation to be eligible for federal financial aid

The student's financial aid eligibility will be terminated if they fail to meet the minimum academic progress requirements, or the conditions of the academic plan, by the end of the Probation period. There is no appeal process for students who fail to meet the minimum requirements by the end of a Probation period. 

For more information about the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements please read here

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