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Federal Work Study

Student employment is funding that a student earns with a job, typically on campus.

As part of their financial aid award, students could be eligible to earn funds through the Federal Work Study Program.

All Student Employment Forms must be completed and returned to the department supervisor before students can be authorized by HR and the Cavalier Express Center to begin work.

For more information, contact Financial Aid at financialaid@cabrini.edu or visit the Financial Aid Office in Grace Hall's Cavalier Express Center.

Rules of Employment

  • Students are expected to work jobs in the department where they were hired.
  • Students cannot change jobs without authorization from the Financial Aid Office.
  • Students must provide a valid excuse for a job change (physical impairment or otherwise substantial reason for not being able to do the job).

The Office of Financial Aid has the right to reject any job description from a hiring department that does not conform to the federal regulations or Cabrini policy or practice of hiring.

Federal Work Study students cannot:

  • displace regular college employee positions.
  • work more than two jobs unless given permission by the Financial Aid Office.
  • work for employers in a personal capacity.
  • work before or after the start and end dates as indicated by Financial Aid.
  • be involved in the construction, operation, or maintenance of any part of a building used for religious worship or sectarian instruction.
  • be paid for positions that are not normally paid by Cabrini.

Students who intend to return to Cabrini the following school year may work until June 30, but cannot work beyond that date without having been re-awarded and rehired for the new academic year.

Students in their final year of work study cannot work beyond their last day of class.

Students must have federal work study awarded to them through the Financial Aid Office before they can work those funds.

  • Voluntary work is not permitted.
  • Students must be paid for all hours worked.
  • Students cannot be paid for lunch.
  • Students must perform their work.
  • Students cannot “study” during work hours.
  • Students must be enrolled at Cabrini to work.
  • Students who withdraw or graduate cannot work beyond their last day of class.

Students must adhere to policies and procedures. Failure to comply could cause a student to be withdrawn from the program with no guarantee of later reinstatement.


Students may be fired from their jobs if they abuse the privileges of their employment or otherwise conduct themselves in a manner inconsistent with expected behavior.

A student who is fired from a Federal Work Study position will not be rehired through the program without a review by the Financial Aid Office or other departments as deemed appropriate.

Students may quit their positions and should provide notice of quitting in writing to their hiring department with at least two week’s notice. The Financial Aid Office should also be notified by student and supervsior in this instance. Students who quit are not guaranteed re-employment in another position.

Work Study Payment

Federal Work Study students cannot earn more than their allocated award (typically $1,500 per year). The hourly wage is based on the tasks required and skills required for the job per the job decsription provided by the supervisor. Hourly wages are $8, $9, or $10 varying by job.

Hours worked should be recorded on federal work-study timesheets, available online.

Salaries will be paid by direct deposit to the student’s bank account every two weeks, seven days after each timesheet due date.

For the first two pay periods while bank paperwork is finalized, students might receive a paycheck at their Cabrini mailbox or home address.

Work Study Timesheets

Hours worked should be recorded on federal work-study timesheets, available online.

  • Students must submit timesheets, have supervisors approve the hours, and submit timesheets by 5:00PM every other Friday, as per Cabrini’s payroll schedule.
  • Timesheets submitted late could be charged 100% to departmental budgets.
  • Incomplete time sheets will not be paid, will be returned to the supervisor, and should be submitted the following week.
  • Timesheets reflecting hours worked beyond what the student was awarded will be paid 100% by the hiring department.
  • Any overtime (more than 15 hours per week) will not be paid by Federal Work Study funding. The hiring department will be charged 100% for any overtime.

Any timesheet handed in after the final December due date will be paid in January.

If the payroll schedule changes because of a holiday, students will be notified via email.