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A Cabrini student on a laptop outside

Cabrini Computers

The Department of Information Technology & Resources (ITR) is responsible for all Cabrini-owned computer hardware and software (e.g. faculty/staff computers, computer labs/classrooms, Cabrini standard software).

At the time of the budget process, each department allocates funds in their budget for any special hardware and software intended for their particular use (e.g. computers for new positions, peripheral replacements such as docking stations, printers, scanners, fax machines, supplies, and department-specific software).

Please note: ITR must be included in the hardware/software budget and purchase approval processes.

When considering a technology purchase, departments are expected to work with ITR for review in the context of campus standards, network integrity, support resources, possible savings through combined orders, etc.

At the time of purchase, the Business Office will send completed purchase orders to ITR, and—if there are no issues requiring resolution—ITR will sign the purchase order and forward it back to the Business Office.

ITR is available to provide advisory assistance to departments as they prepare their budget requests or purchases.

Computer Replacement Cycle

If a department obtains a new staff or faculty employment position, then the department allocates funding for either a desktop or laptop computer, and computer accessories/peripherals for the new position.

ITR will assist by providing specifications and an estimated price.

After the department allocates funds for the initial computer purchase, the ITR department installs necessary software on the computer, enters the computer information into the inventory, and deploys the computer at your designated location.

After approximately four years, ITR will have allocated funding and will purchase a new or newer replacement for the computer in early spring, for a summer deployment.

However, if a new computer is requested prior to the fourth year, the department provides funding for the new computer. If there is a price increase, then the department funds the difference. Please note that PCs are not replaced with Macs, but Macs may be replaced by PCs.

Also, for all laptop replacements, ITR will only replace the laptop itself. Docks, monitors, mice, keyboards, and other peripherals must be budgeted for and purchased by the department.

Laptop Loaner Policy

ITR has 10 loaner laptops available to faculty and staff for school functions such as advising, orientation arena-style registration and classroom presentations. Many of our classrooms are already equipped with PCs or Macs installed in the podiums or multimedia carts.

The loaner laptops are made available to faculty for use in those classrooms that do not have installed units. These may be checked out at the ITR office before classes and returned immediately afterwards.

The laptops are not available for extended periods, overnight, over weekends or longer. The requestor, faculty or staff member only, must personally sign out and return the unit.

At sign-in, we require the date and expected time for return. Without this information the unit cannot be signed out. It is advisable to reserve laptops in advance, since there are a limited number.

Many departments at Cabrini own laptops and may make these available within the department for longer term loans. Other sources for a number of laptops are the Library, which has several machines kept charged for use within the library facility.

Similarly, the Science Department maintains five laptop carts within the Iadarola Center; for more information, contact the Science Department chair.

Used Computers

The computers used by faculty and staff are fixed assets of Cabrini, whether purchased by ITR or by the departments. When such computers are replaced, there are several options for disposing of the old machines:

  • If the computer is still within its four-year life cycle and of value for use by another staff member, it may be reassigned by ITR.
  • If the computer is outside its four-year life cycle, it will be removed from circulation by ITR and processed for donation to schools and non-profit agencies.
  • If the computer is not functional and not worth repair, it will be removed by ITR for sustainable recycling in accordance with established safety procedures.
  • Cabrini does not offer retired equipment for use as shared computers for student workers or volunteers or for sale to members of the Cabrini community.