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A Cabrini student on a laptop outside

Email Accounts

Cabrini sends much of its correspondence solely through email, including policy announcements, emergency notices, event notifications, bill-payment notifications, course syllabi and requirements, and correspondence between faculty and students. Some correspondence might be mailed only to the official Cabrini email address.

All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to use their Cabrini email address for all Cabrini correspondance, rather than personal email accounts.

Your Email Addresses

New students and new faculty and staff are provided their Cabrini email address and default password to their personal email address. Users are assigned two email addresses that go to one email inbox:

  • Your official/username email address, formatted as your initials followed by a number (e.g. abc123@cabrini.edu or xy12345@cabrini.edu).
    • You will use this email address to sign into Cabrini Portal, Outlook Webmail, CabriniLearn, etc.
    • Some systems require just the username portion (e.g. abc123 or xy12345).
  • Your official email alias, formatted as Firstname.Lastname@cabrini.edu. (e.g., John.Smith@cabrini.edu). Your middle initial may also be included in some cases.
    • You cannot login to Cabrini's systems with this email address, but it can be given to your contacts as an alternative to your official email address.

Accessing Your Email 

You can access your Cabrini email on any web browser via the Cabrini Portal, or by navigating directly to outlook.office.com. Your Cabrini email account is also compatible with most email clients and various devices like laptops and smart phones.

For highest compatibility, ease of use, and access to full Office 365 features, ITR officially recommends using the desktop and/or mobile versions of Microsoft Outlook. The latest version of Outlook for PC and Mac can be downloaded from the Office 365 Portal. Outlook for Android and iOS smart phones and tablets can be downloaded for free from their app stores.

Your Cabrini email account can also be configured with basic email clients such as Android Gmail, iOS Mail, Windows Mail, and macOS Mail. You can also follow these instructions to synchronize your Office 365 calendar with your device.

Password Help

If you have forgotten your password or need help signing in, you should contact the Personal Support Center at 610-902-8366 for a password reset.

If you know your current password and wish to change it, you can do so at the Cabrini Portal Password Update website.

Business application users may also have a Banner or Argos account, which has its own separate password.

Password Security

For reasons of privacy and security, your password must follow these rules:

  • It must have a minimum of ten characters.
  • It must include characters from at least three (3) of the following categories:
    • Uppercase Letters
    • Lowercase Letters
    • Numbers
    • Symbols (excluding spaces)
  • It must NOT contain (read forward or backward) your name, part of your name, your initials, a nickname commonly associated with your name (e.g., "jim" for "james"), your birthdate, or your social security number.
  • It must NOT contain a word or string of characters which are commonly used and easily guessable (e.g., "password", "123456", "admin", etc.).
  • It should differ from all of your previous Cabrini passwords by at least three characters.

Departmental or Group Email Accounts

Cabrini departments and recognized campus organizations may request a shared email account.

Please provide the following information in an email to ITRHelp@cabrini when requesting such an account:

  • Intended email address (e.g. registrar@cabrini.edu)
  • Account’s display name (e.g. Registrar at Cabrini, Cabrini Registrar, Registrar Office, etc.)
    • This is what will show to recipients when sending emails from this account.
  • The faculty or staff member who will be the owner/manager of the account
    • Responsible for maintaining and distributing account information
    • Keeps track of who has access to the account, and sends such requests to ITR
    • Monitors account usage
  • If this is a request for a student group account, include proof of approval from the Vice President of Student Life.

Office 365 Migration (Summer 2017)

On August 21st and 22nd 2017, all students, faculty, and staff had their previous email service (either CabriniOne Webmail or Microsoft Exchange) migrated to Microsoft Office 365. Take note of the following points:

  • Forwarding to personal email addresses was reset. 
  • Exchange users' email was automatically migrated to their O365 email. This applied to most staff members and some faculty.
  • CabriniOne Webmail users' email was not automatically migrated to their O365 email. This applied to students and some faculty. Users were given until October 30th 2017 to retrieve emails from their old inbox, after which they were removed from our servers. Emails received prior to August 22nd 2017 are no longer retrievable.