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A Cabrini student on a laptop in Jazzman's Cafe

Email Accounts

Cabrini sends much of its correspondence solely through email, including policy announcements, emergency notices, event notifications, bill-payment notifications, course syllabi and requirements, and correspondence between faculty and students. Some correspondence might be mailed only to the official Cabrini email address.

To pick up your email account (log-in and password), visit https://accounts.cabrini.edu.

Your Email Addresses

Cabrini creates two email addresses that go to one email inbox (you always log in with your username (e.g., abc123).

  • your official email address, formatted as Firstname.Middleinitial.Lastname@cabrini.edu. (e.g., John.J.Smith@cabrini.edu).
  • your email account username (e.g., abc123@cabrini.edu).

Office 365 Email 

All Cabrini Memembers will now be setup with an Office 365 account when they join the university. Please see our Office 365 Website for more information: https://www.cabrini.edu/about/departments/information-technology-and-resources/microsoft-365

Departmental or Group Email Accounts

Cabrini departments and recognized campus organizations may request an email account. The organization’s leader is personally responsible for the account.

Please provide the following information in a an email to ITRHelp@cabrini when requesting such an account:

  • intended email address (e.g. registrar@cabrini.edu)
  • account’s display name (e.g. Registrar at Cabrini, Cabrini Registrar, Registrar Office, etc.)
    • This is what will show to recipients when sending emails from this account.
    • For personal email accounts, this may look like “LastName, FirstName” or "FirstName LastName"
  • The faculty or staff member who will be the owner/manager of the account
    • responsible for maintaining and distributing account information
    • keeps track of who has access to the account
    • monitors what is sent/received
    • changes the password when appropriate, especially for employee turnover
  • If this is a request for a student group account, include proof of approval from the Vice President of Student Life.

Password Help

To reset your password use the Password Reset wizard found at https://accounts.cabrini.edu. To start the Password Reset Wizard, click "Help! I Forgot my password." You will need your Cabrini University ID Number, your University ID number can found on your Cabrini ID card. 

Your Cabrini User ID (also known as a username) is the same for all Cabrini systems, but you have separate passwords for your CabriniOne and domain accounts, which serve different functions and have their own different password expiration policies.

CabriniOne password is used for: 

  • CabriniOne 
  • Cabrini Learn / CabriniVision 
  • Computers Accounts Management Service 
  • Wired internet registration (ResNet) 
  • Photo Class List 
  • Hyperion 

Domain password is used for:

  • Office 365 Email
  • Library databases off-campus
  • Meal plan system (inside of CabriniVision)
  • Logging into computers on-campus
  • Wireless internet registration
  • Online applications; downloading Symantec antivirus from the Cabrini website
  • Network Storage / Mapped Drives using Filezilla

Business application users may also have a Banner or Web*Financials account, which has its own separate password.

Password Security

Cabrini policy dictates that your domain password expire every 90 days, while your CabriniOne password does not expire.

For reasons of privacy and security, the password you choose should be as strong as you can make it.

  • It should have a minimum of ten characters.
  • It cannot begin or end with a number.
  • It should contain a number or symbol in the middle of the password, surrounded by at least two letters.
    • Aliens3 is not acceptable but Al1ens3a is, because the 1 breaks up the alphabetic string.
    • The final 3 doesn’t count, because it does not interrupt the alphabetic string.
  • It should NOT contain a string of characters which, read forward or backward, comprises your name, part of your name, your initials, a nickname commonly associated with your name (e.g., “jim” for “james”), your birthdate, or your social security number.
  • It should NOT contain a string of characters which comprises an item listed in an unabridged dictionary, or in the “most cracked passwords” file.
  • It should differ from all of your previous Cabrini passwords by at least three characters.

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