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Campus Phone Information

Desktop Phone Issue

Employees should contact ITR at 610.902.8366 or itrhelp@cabrini.edu for any phone issues such as:

  • Telephone not working (ex. display, static, rings busy, no dial tone)
  • Unlocking Telephone
  • How to use Telephone and Telephone features
  • Voice Message Password reset

Employee New Hire

ITR will receive new hire notice from Human Resources and will coordinate with Comstar to assign new employee to the designated phone.

Employee Termination

ITR will contact department head regarding removing displayed name, voice message, and resetting the password for the former employee’s phone.

Long Distance Authorization Code

Each employee is assigned a long distance authorization code by the Business Office. Departments are charged for long distance calls and a report is sent to Department Heads via email with detailed call information. An employee is to contact Procurement Manager at ext. 8283 if they have misplaced their LD Authorization Code. New employees will receive their LD Authorization Code from the Procurement Manager in the Business Office.

Office Moves

Departments should contact the ITR helpdesk with specific information on employee’s old and new location and current extension. ITR can be reached at 610.902.8366 or itrhelp@cabrini.edu.

Polycom Device

The Polycom is used for conference calls and is maintained by the Office of Conferences and Events. If a Polycom is required at a meeting, a request should be done at the time the room reservation is made at 610.902.8169 or 610.902.8284.

Telephone System Out of Service during Standard Business Hours 

Contact ITR at 610.902.8366 or itrhelp@cabrini.edu to report issue.

Telephone System Down after Standard Business Hours

 Contact Public Safety at 610.902.8111.