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Wireless Internet Setup

How to Connect to Eduroam

Eduroam is Cabrini’s preferred wireless network, offering the greatest bandwidth and security, fewer restrictions, and the least radio interference.

It is available to all students, faculty, and staff with a current university user ID.

In most cases you can connect to Eduroam by entering your Cabrini user ID followed by @cabrini.edu (abc123@cabrini.edu) and your Cabrini Domain password. 

Specific instructions for connecting your device can be found below:

In addition to provided wireless access at Cabrini, the network makes Cabrini part of a worldwide roaming access service for academia also known as eduroam.  This service will allow you to gain free secure wireless access using your Cabrini login credentials when visiting other participating institutions both in the US and abroad.  Institutions near us include Drexel, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Penn, Swarthmore, Temple, Delaware County Community and Montgomery County Community, but there are more than 300 Active institutions across the country.

Other Wireless Networks at Cabrini


CabriniGuest is an isolated network designed for guests of the University. Guests will be required to provide an email address to join the network for 24 hours of access.

Some activities such as VPN are restricted on the guest network.


Cabrinidevices is designed for smart and media devices that do not support complex authentication methods like Eduroam.

Simply select this network on your entertainment device you wish to connect.

The target use of this network is for entertainment devices such as:

  • Smart TVs 
  • Media Players (Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, etc)
  • Amazon Echo
  • Google Home


The security methods used to keep your computer safe while accessing the internet can sometimes interferewith a smooth gaming experience.

Joining your gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, etc) to the CabriniGCon should resolve these issues.

More information on connecting your console can be found here: https://www.cabrini.edu/about/departments/information-technology-and-resources/internet-networks-and-security/cabrinigcon