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A Cabrini student on a laptop in Jazzman's Cafe

Student Printing

Printing on the Cabrini campus is available from computers in the Library and most campus computer labs and classrooms. To discourage waste and to cover some of the cost of printing, students are given an allotment of free printing every six months or less and charged for printing above that amount.

Students receive a $35 auto-replenishment of paper (i.e. 350 black and white pages at 10 cents a page) by default every 6 months or less free-of-charge.

Usage is tracked by students logging into computers; each student is responsible for all printing under one's own username, even if it happened because the student forgot to log off of a computer.

The Holy Spirit Library provides public color printing at 50 cents per page.

After reaching the limit of 350 free copies, individuals who wish to extend their printing ability to another 250 black-and-white pages may do so for a fee of $25, which will be charged to their account.

Extra paper bought beyond the free allotment carries over from semester to semester until graduation. This transaction can be completed online at http://www.cabrini.edu/paper.

ITR suggests that individuals who plan to print over their semester allotment consider purchasing a USB-connected printer for their personal use. The use of wireless personal printers is discouraged because of security concerns.

Undergraduate education majors are charged half-price for printing in the Education Resource Center in Founder’s Hall. 

Tips to Help Reduce Printing

Students should copy and paste internet text into Microsoft Word. This eliminates printing unwanted banner ads and other items that sometimes cause a print job to run a page over.

In Microsoft Office applications, students should do as much editing as possible before printing a copy. Utilize the Spelling and Grammar options along with Print Preview before printing.

Print Preview verifies the number of pages that will be printed so blank pages can be caught before they are printed out.

To avoid printing any banners at the bottom of any pages, go to File, Print Preview and count the number of pages that should be printed. Then, under File, Print, in the Print Range area, choose the pages to print out instead of printing All pages.

In PowerPoint, under File, Print, change the Print what: option to print handouts instead of slides. This option will print multiple slides per page.

Students must log off any public computer they use. If the user is not properly logged off, another student could potentially go to that computer since it is already on. If they print anything from that computer, the previous user will be assessed those pages.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACCOUNT. ITR will not be held responsible if someone else has printed from your account.

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