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A Cabrini Public Safety Officer, giving a driver directions

Vehicle Registration

2022 Spring Semester Parking Permits will be available beginning January 10th at https://cabrini.thepermitstore.com.

The roadways of the University and its parking spaces fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Safety, which is responsible for the administration and enforcement of regulations designed to facilitate an orderly traffic flow on campus.

These regulations apply to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Infractions of these regulations are the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle on campus.

Cabrini is not responsible for loss due to theft or damage to vehicles that occur on Cabrini property.

Special-event parking and all temporary parking arrangements on campus are to be scheduled and approved by Public Safety.

Vehicle Registration 
All vehicles operated and parked on Cabrini property by full- and part-time students, faculty, and staff must be registered with Cabrini. All student vehicles must exhibit a valid parking permit to park anywhere on campus, including the Dixon Center parking lot (Lot B).

Parking permits are available 24 hours a day and should be acquired before the beginning of the school year.

Parking regulations will be enforced beginning the second week of school, including summer months. 

  1. Students can get their permits online at https://cabrini.thepermitstore.com.
  2. Print the temporary permit and place it on the vehicle’s dashboard.
  3. The permanent permit will arrive in the mail in 7-10 business days.
  4. When the permit arrives, peel off the white liner and affix the sticker to the OUTSIDE of the BACK WINDOW (driver's side). The location should be clean, dry and above freezing at the time the sticker is applied.

Vehicle registration does not guarantee a parking space, but affords the registrant the opportunity to park in authorized areas where sufficient space is available. 

If you cannot find a legal parking space, please call 610.902.8111* for assistance.

*Please note, calls received without caller ID enabled cannot be connected to the Cabrini Dispatcher.

Parking permits may not be shared or transferred, and registrations must be purchased at the beginning of each academic year starting August 15, January 10, and in May at the beginning of summer sessions.

The “registration year” extends from August 15 to May 20 of the following year. 

First-Year Students
First-year resident students are not permitted to park anywhere on campus at any time.

If there is a medical necessity for a vehicle, an off-campus job to supplement tuition, or an approved academic reason, students must apply for permission from the Director of Public Safety.

Permits are $55 for one semester, and first-year residents must reapply for approval each semester. 

Students who withdraw after the end of the Add/Drop period for the term receive no refund of parking fees.

Approved first-year residents may park in the Dixon Center parking lot only. 

Registration Fee 

  • Undergraduate resident students must pay a vehicle registration fee of $95 for academic-year parking permits or $55 for one semester permits.
  • Undergraduate and graduate commuter students must pay a vehicle registration fee of $55 for academic-year parking permits or $35 for one semester permits.
  • Summer-session–only parking permits are $35.
  • Students who withdraw after the end of the Add/Drop period for the term receive no refund of parking fees.

Traffic Regulations

  1. The speed limit on all campus roads and parking lots is 15 m.p.h.
  2. The portion of Residential Drive opposite the marked parking spaces is a Tow-Away Zone.
  3. All legal parking spaces are clearly marked with a white painted line. There are no legal parking spaces on any of the grassy areas of campus.