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The Mansion at Cabrini and an Emergency call box


All vehicles operated and parked on Cabrini property by full- and part-time students, faculty, and staff must be registered with the University.

First-year resident students are not permitted to have cars on campus.

If parking in a restricted area temporarily for loading and unloading, call the Department of Public Safety at 610.902.8111*, turn on four-way flashers, and park for no more than 15 minutes.

*Please note, calls received without caller ID enabled cannot be connected to the Cabrini Dispatcher.

Cabrini reserves the right to boot or tow any illegally parked vehicle on campus without warning.

All vehicles parked on the traveled portion of the roadway are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. 

Visitor Parking

  • Visitors are encouraged to obtain a temporary parking pass at the Public Safety office.
  • Overnight visitors MUST obtain a temporary parking permit from the Department of Public Safety and park in Parking Lot B (Dixon Center lot)

Parking Restrictions  

  • Parking Lot A (Founder’s/Widener Lot):
    Faculty, staff, and commuter students only
  • Parking Lot B (Dixon Center Lot):
    Commuter and resident students, faculty, staff, and visitor parking
  • Parking Garage:
    • Faculty, staff, and commuter students only
    • No parking overnight (Midnight - 5 AM)
    • Unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed.
    • The University has the right tow any unauthorized vehicle.
  • West Turnaround Lot:
    • ADA parking for Mansion and Chapel
    • Mansion parking (By Permission Only)
    • No parking overnight (Midnight - 5 AM)
    • Authorized vehicles only
    • The University has the right tow any unauthorized vehicle.

Resident Parking

Resident parking on Residential Drive is first-come, first-served in marked parking spaces with a valid Resident Parking Permit.

  • Woodcrest: 10-minute loading zone only
  • Dixon House: one handicapped space
  • Infante House: one handicapped space and two resident spaces
  • McManus House: three resident spaces
  • Casey House: three resident spaces

Parking Violations

  • Registration violation: $30 fine
  • Parking in a restricted zone: $30 fine
  • Parking next to the houses during snowstorms: $30 fine
  • Parking in areas blocking entrance ramps, dumpsters, oil delivery areas, and doorways: $30 fine
  • Parking on campus roadways: $30 fine
  • Littering: $100 fine
  • Parking on grass or unpaved roadways: $30 fine
  • Parking in a fire zone: $50 fine
  • Blocking a crosswalk: $50 fine
  • Parking or blocking a handicapped space: $150 fine
  • Boot application when a vehicle is parked in a handicapped space or issued a fourth parking ticket: $75 fee 
    Not refundable or subject to appeal
  • Tampering with a parking boot: $300 fine

The fine for all other parking violations is $30 unless otherwise noted. 

It is a violation to park an unregistered vehicle on campus or to fail to properly display a valid parking permit.

Strict Enforcement of Violations of Handicapped Space
Handicapped parking is restricted to vehicles with:

  • a valid “Handicapped Parking” hang tag permit from the rear-view mirror 
  • a valid “Handicapped Parking” license plate, issued by the state in which the vehicle is registered

Any vehicle not displaying valid identification that is parked in or blocks a marked handicapped space anywhere on campus—including the lots adjacent to residence halls—even for short periods of time (i.e., 1–5 minutes) shall, at a minimum, be subject to the following:

  • issuance of a parking ticket ($150 fine) 
  • attachment of an immobilizing boot ($75)
  • total cost: $225

No immobilizing boot will be removed until the owner or person responsible for the vehicle pays in full all fines and fees due.

If the person responsible for the booted vehicle does not respond to the Public Safety Office within one hour of the boot being attached, the vehicle may be towed off campus by a private towing company.

All towing and storage costs will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Moving Violations

  • Driving without an operator’s license: $50 fine
  • Driving an unregistered motor vehicle: $35 fine
  • Driving an uninsured motor vehicle: $50 fine
  • Driving an uninspected motor vehicle: $50 fine
  • Failure to stop at stop signs: $35 fine
  • Reckless driving (any speed over 15 mph): $50 fine
  • Turfing: $150 fine plus damages incurred to property
  • Driving on campus under the influence of drugs or alcohol: $300 fine

Paying Fines 
Parking fines must be paid online by going to https://cabrini.thepermitstore.com.

  • Violators have 15 days to appeal or pay the fine.
  • After 15 days, the right to appeal is forfeited.
  • After 20 days, a $10 late fee will be added.
  • After 30 days, an additional $10 late fee will be added and the fine will be transferred to the violator’s bill.

Fines accumulated by visitors will be assessed to the student the violator is visiting.

In order to appeal a traffic violation, the registrant must file an appeal online at https://cabrini.thepermitstore.com within 15 days of the violation.

The registrant will receive an email notice of the violation on the date the ticket is written if they have registered their vehicle. Further notifications will be sent as the due date and final appeal date approach.

If the ticket is not paid or appealed in the allotted time additional costs will accrue. All questions or suggestions regarding parking should be addressed to the Director of Public Safety.

When a vehicle is issued a fourth parking ticket or illegally parked in or blocking handicapped parking, the Department of Public Safety will apply an immobilizing boot to the vehicle, along with a sticker warning not to move the vehicle until the boot has been removed.

  • The registrant will be charged $75 for the removal of the boot.
  • If the registrant has not contacted the Public Safety Department to have the boot removed within one hour, the vehicle may be towed.
  • The registrant will be responsible for paying the towing charge.

Tampering with, damaging, or removing a parking boot will subject the registrant to a $300 fine.

What To Do If Your Car Is Booted

  • Do not attempt to tamper with or remove a boot, which could do serious damage to the tire or wheel.
  • All tampering will be reported to Radnor Police, who will take criminal action against the violator.
  • Report immediately to the Public Safety Office located in Maguire House.
  • A computer terminal will be made available to pay all fines/fees online.

You must have a valid credit card to pay your fine/fee. Cash, checks, and money orders will not be accepted.

After all fines/fees have been paid, a Public Safety Officer will be dispatched to remove the boot, as soon as an officer is available.

The violation of Cabrini parking regulations by individuals who have accumulated a fourth ticket in the same academic year will result in the application of the boot, and the towing of the vehicle if the boot has not been removed within 24 hours.

The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to immediately tow vehicles that are in dangerous positions or are creating a hazardous condition.

In addition, the Public Safety Department also reserves the right to immediately tow any vehicle which, through its reckless operation, has created a danger to the Cabrini community.

Vehicles may also be towed immediately from tow-away zones, fire lanes, and roadways or driveways that they are blocking. Furthermore, vehicles may also be towed when registrants refuse to identify themselves.

After five offenses, the driver may be “banned” and not permitted to park or drive any vehicle on campus for the remainder of the academic year.

Drivers with fewer than five violations may be banned if anyone violation is serious enough to warrant immediate suspension of all vehicle privileges.

The decision to banish rests with the Director of Public Safety.