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Shuttle Information

During the fall and spring semesters, Cabrini runs a free shuttle service that connects with the SEPTA Paoli-Thorndale Regional Rail (listed below as R5) and Norristown High-Speed Line (listed below as R100) trains in Radnor. Cabrini also operates a free shuttle van service that makes trips to the King of Prussia Mall and Walmart. 

  • The shuttle boards at the Parking Garage Shuttle Stop.
  • The schedule is subject to changes and delays based on train schedules, traffic, weather, road conditions, and ridership. Please allow several minutes for it to arrive.
  • For safety, riders are required to show Cabrini ID.
  • Make sure the shuttle you board is Cabrini’s.
  • Wheelchair-accessible is available upon request by calling 610.902.8111.
  • If your train is delayed, please contact Public Safety at 610.902.8111. (Please note, calls received without caller ID enabled cannot be connected to the Cabrini Dispatcher.)

Drivers may only make stops on the schedule at the times indicated. If you must arrive on campus at a specific time, plan to take an earlier train to allow sufficient travel time. If you miss the shuttle/van, please wait for the next scheduled pick-up at your location.

Schedule Times: Indicates when the shuttle departs the location. Train station departure times are based on current SEPTA train schedule arrival and departure times. Schedule is also subject to change based on ridership.

2023 Fall Shuttle Schedule

*Norristown High‑Speed Line, formerly known as the R100
+Paoli/Thorndale Line regional rail, formerly known as the R5


Time  Location Time  Location
06:45am Departure  4:25pm Departure 
06:55am R100 4:35pm Walmart
07:00am R5 4:40pm   King of Prussia Mall 
07:05am Arrival  4:55pm Arrival 
07:10am Departure  5:00pm Departure 
07:15am R100 5:10pm R100
07:20am  R5 5:15pm R5
07:25am Departure  5:20pm Arrival 
07:35am R100 5:25pm Departure 
07:40am R5 5:35pm Walmart
07:50am Arrival  5:40pm King of Prussia Mall 
07:55am Departure  5:55pm Arrival 
08:05am R100 6:10pm Departure 
08:10am R5 6:20pm R100
08:20am Arrival  6:25pm R5
08:35am Departure  6:30pm Arrival 
08:45am R100 6:30pm Departure 
08:50am R5 6:40pm Walmart
09:00am Arrival  6:45pm King of Prussia Mall 
09:05am Departure  7:00pm Arrival 
09:15am R100 7:00pm Departure 
09:20am R5 7:10pm R100
09:25am Arrival  7:15pm R5
09:25am Departure  7:20pm Arrival 
09:35am R100 7:25pm Departure 
09:40am R5 7:40pm Walmart
09:45am Arrival  7:45pm King of Prussia Mall 
10:20am Departure  7:55pm Arrival 
10:30am R100 8:00pm Departure 
10:35am R5 8:10pm R100
10:40AM Arrival  8:15pm R5
10:55am Departure  8:20pm Arrival 
11:10am R100 8:25pm Departure 
11:15am R5 8:35pm R100
11:20am Arrival  8:40pm R5
11:25am Departure  8:45pm Arrival 
11:35am R100 9:35pm  Departure
11:40am R5 9:45pm Walmart
11:45am Arrival  9:50pm King of Prussia Mall 
11:50am Departure  10:05pm Arrival 
12:05pm R100 10:05pm Departure 
12:10pm R5 10:10pm R100
12:20pm Arrival  10:15pm Arrival 
12:25pm Departure  10:15pm Departure 
12:35pm R100 10:25pm R100
12:40pm R5 10:20pm R5
12:45pm Arrival  10:25pm Arrival 
1:00pm Departure  10:30pm Departure 
1:10pm R100 10:35pm R100
1:15pm R5 10:40pm R5
1:25pm Arrival  10:45pm Arrival 
1:30pm Departure     
1:40pm R100    
1:45pm R5    
1:55pm Arrival     
2:00pm Departure     
2:10pm R100    
2:15pm R5    
2:25pm Arrival     
2:30pm Departure     
2:40pm R100    
2:45pm R5    
2:55pm Arrival     
3:00pm Departure     
3:10pm R100    
3:15pm R5    
3:25pm Arrival     
3:35pm Departure     
3:45pm R100    
3:50pm Arrival     

SATURDAYS, 8:10am–11pm

Time  Location
08:10am Departure 
08:20am  R100 
08:25am R5 
08:30am Arrival 
08:30am  Departure 
08:40am  R100 
08:45am R5 
08:50am Arrival 
08:50am Departure 
09:00am R100 
09:15am  R5 
09:20am Arrival
09:30am Departure 
09:40am R100 
09:45am R5 
09:50am Arrival 
09:55am Departure 
10:05am Walmart
10:10am King of Pruissa Mall 
10:25am Arrival 
10:30am Departure 
10:40am R100 
10:45am R5 
10:50am  Arrival
10:50am  Departure 
11:05am R100 
11:10am R5 
11:15am  Arrival 
11:15am  Departure 
11:25am  Walmart
11:30am  King of Pruissa Mall 
11:45am  Arrival 
11:45am  Departure 
11:50am R100 
11:55am  R5 
12:00pm  Arrival 
12:30pm  Departure 
12:40pm  R100 
12:45pm  R5 
12:50pm Arrival 
12:50pm  Departure 
1:05pm  Walmart
1:10pm  King of Pruissa Mall 
1:25pm  Arrival 
1:25pm  Departure 
1:35pm  R100 
1:40pm  R5 
1:45pm  Shuttle Stop 
2:15pm  Departure 
2:25pm R100 
2:30pm  R5 
2:35pm  Arrival 
2:40pm  Departure 
2:55pm Walmart
3:00pm King of Pruissa Mall 
3:15pm  Arrival  
3:20pm Departure 
3:35pm  R100 
3:40pm  R5 
3:45pm Arrival  
3:50pm Departure 
4:05pm  R100 
4:10pm R5 
4:15pm  Arrival 
4:20pm  Departure 
4:40pm  Walmart
4:50pm  King of Pruissa Mall 
5:05pm  Arrival 
5:10pm  Departure 
5:20pm  R100 
5:25pm  R5 
5:30pm Arrival 
5:40pm  Departure 
5:50pm  R100 
6:00pm  Arrival 
6:00pm  Departure 
6:10pm  R100 
6:20pm Arrival 
6:25pm Departure 
6:40pm  Walmart
6:50pm  King of Pruissa Mall 
7:05pm  Arrival 
7:10pm Departure 
7:20pm  R100 
7:25pm  R5 
7:30pm Arrival  
8:10pm  Departure 
8:20pm  R100 
8:25pm  Arrival 
8:30pm  Departure 
8:45pm Walmart
8:55pm  King of Pruissa Mall 
9:20pm  Arrival 
9:25pm  Departure 
9:35pm  R100 
9:40pm  R5 
9:45pm  Arrival 
9:45pm  Departure 
9:55pm R100 
10:00pm  Arrival 
10:00pm Departure 
10:10pm  R100 
10:15pm Arrival 
10:20pm  Departure 
10:40pm  Walmart
10:45pm King of Pruissa Mall 
11:00pm Arrival 

SUNDAYS, 8:10am–11pm

Time  Location
08:10am  Departure 
08:25am R100
08:35am Arrival 
09:10am Departure 
09:25am R100 
09:27am  R5 
09:35am Arrival  
09:35pm  Departure 
09:55am R100 
10:00am Arrival  
10:10am Departure 
10:25am R100 
10:30am  Arrival 
10:35am  Departure 
10:45am Walmart
10:50am  King of Pruissa Mall 
11:05am  Arrival 
11:10am Departure 
11:15am  R100 
11:20am R5 
11:25am Arrival 
11:30am Departure 
11:35am R100 
11:45am Arrival 
11:50am Departure 
12:00pm  Walmart
12:05pm  King of Pruissa Mall 
12:20pm  Arrival  
12:45pm Departure 
12:50pm R100 
1:00pm Arrival 
01:00pm  Departure 
01:10pm R100 
01:20pm R5 
01:25pm Arrival 
01:30pm Departure 
01:40pm R100 
01:42pm R5 
01:50pm Arrival  
01:55pm Departure 
02:05pm R100 
02:20pm R5 
02:25pm Arrival 
02:30pm Departure 
02:40pm Walmart
02:45pm King of Pruissa Mall 
03:00pm  Arrival 
03:05pm  Departure 
03:15pm R100 
03:20pm R5 
03:25pm Arrival
03:30pm Departure 
03:40pm R100 
03:45pm Arrival 
03:50pm Departure 
04:00pm R100 
04:05pm R5 
04:10pm Arrival 
04:10pm Departure 
04:20pm R100 
04:25pm R5 
04:30pm Arrival 
04:35pm Departure 
04:45pm Walmart
04:50pm King of Pruissa Mall 
05:05pm Arrival
05:15pm Departure 
05:25pm R100 
05:30pm R5 
05:35pm  Arrival
05:40pm Departure 
05:55pm R100 
06:00pm Arrival
06:00pm Departure 
06:10pm R100 
06:20pm R5 
06:25pm Arrival
06:30pm Departure 
06:40pm  Walmart
06:45pm King of Pruissa Mall 
07:00pm  Arrival
07:20pm  Departure 
07:30pm  R100 
07:35pm R5 
07:40pm Arrival
07:45pm Departure 
07:55pm  R100 
08:00pm  Arrival
08:20pm  Departure 
08:30pm R100 
08:35pm R5 
08:40pm Arrival
08:45pm Departure 
08:55pm R100 
09:20pm R5 
09:25pm Arrival
09:30pm Departure 
09:40pm R100 
09:45pm Arrival
09:50pm  Departure 
10:00pm R100 
10:05pm Arrival 
10:05pm Departure 
10:10pm R100 
10:20pm Arrival
10:25pm Departure 
10:45pm R100 
10:55pm Arrival 

Fall 2023 Shuttle Service Calendar 

Aug 27 (Sunday)—First day of shuttle. Service begins at 8am.
Sept 4 (Monday)—Labor Day Holiday - No classes, shuttle follows regular schedule.
Oct 9 (Monday)—Dean's Fall Holiday - No classes, shuttle follows regular schedule.
Nov 22 (Wednesday)—Thanksgiving Recess - No Class - Shuttle ends at 6pm
Nov 23 (Thursday)—Thanksgiving Recess - No Class, No Shuttle Service. 
Nov 24 (Friday)—Thanksgiving Recess No Class, No Shuttle Service. 
Nov 25 (Saturday)—Thanksgiving Recess No Class, No Shuttle Service. 
Nov 26 (Sunday)—Thanksgiving Recess No Class, No Shuttle Service.
Nov 27 (Monday)—Shuttle resumes regular service.
Dec 17 (Sunday)—Shuttle service ends at 6pm.


Schedules are also available in the Public Safety Department. For questions about the shuttle, contact Public Safety at 610.902.8111. (Please note, calls received without caller ID enabled cannot be connected to the Cabrini Dispatcher.)

Comments or questions about the Shuttle Service? Email shuttles@cabrini.edu.