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Math Resources by Class

The Math Resource Center can help you with your progress and has developed practice quizzes, exams, and problem sets for your course.

To get help working on these practice problems, please stop by and see us or schedule a free appointment.

Math 98 and 99

Math 110 and 111 

Math 113

Exam Reviews
The Review for Exam 1 is comprehensive, covering:

  • graphing linear equations
  • finding the slope of a line
  • finding the equation of a vertical or horizontal line
  • determining the equation of a line when given a point and the slope or two points
  • determining if two lines are coincident (identical), parallel, perpendicular, or intersecting

This review also covers using linear equations to solve break-even, supply-and-demand, and other word problems.

The review for Exam 2 covers simple and compound interest, annuities, sinking funds, present value of an annuity, and amortization. 

Practice Quizzes

  • MAT 113 Quiz 1-PDF
    graphing linear equations and determining x and y intercepts
  • MAT 113 Quiz 2-PDF
    finding the equation for a linear function, determining the point of intersection for a pair of lines, and determining if a pair of lines are parallel, perpendicular, or identical
  • MAT 113 Quiz 3-PDF
    more practice with finding an equation for a linear function, determining the point of intersection, and finding the equation of a line perpendicular and/or parallel to a given line
  • MAT 113 Quiz 4-PDF
    more practice determining if a pair of lines are perpendicular, parallel, or identical, finding the equation of a line perpendicular and/or parallel to a given line, and finding the point of intersection for a pair of lines
  • MAT 113 Quiz 5-PDF
    defining and using cost, revenue, and profit functions and finding the break-even point
  • MAT 113 Quiz 6-PDF
    simple interest
  • MAT 113 Quiz 7-PDF
    compound interest and effective interest rates
  • MAT 113 Quiz 8-PDF
    future value of an annuity and sinking funds

Math 114

Exam Reviews

Practice Quizzes

Math 118

Math 130 

The website for the MAT 130 textbook, “Calculus: EarlyTranscendentals” includes: 

  • WebLinks (a pull-down chapter-select with helpful links)
  • TEC: Tools for Enriching Calculus, an online tutorial website with audio explanation of concepts, examples, instruction and homework help

Practice Exams