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Cabrini students on campus, next to an Emergency call box

Vehicle Usage and Scheduling Policy

Driver Eligibility for University Vehicles

  • Faculty, staff, student, or approved volunteer—19-years old—student, student employee, student volunteer
    • Have no chargeable accidents within past 24 months
    • Cabrini University reserves the right to actively pull selected and/or all MVRs on active drivers.
  • Valid United States Driver's License for at least two years. Public Safety Department will photocopy driver’s license for records.  
  • Have no more than five traffic violation points under state law or converted from other states’ point systems. Public Safety will conduct MVR checks on all applicants.
  • Have no convictions (within past five years) for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or other  major violations, such as reckless driving, hit and run, driving with a suspended license, or fleeing from a police officer.
  • Drivers are required to immediately notify Public Safety Department if the status of their MVR or driver’s license has changed.

University Approved Activities and Events for Van Usage

University Approved Activities and Events include:

  • Any and all academic purposes, such as studies, field trips, research, and teaching, paid from University funds, so long as the requester’s travel is required for University academic programming. All usual and customary business operations of the University.
  • The business of Athletics including team travel, development, recruiting, and team practice.
  • Travel within the scope of the public service mission of the University, i.e. “Mission Trips”. Use by a registered University student organization for a public service (humanitarian) purpose within the scope of the University’s public service mission. Such requests when made by a student organization whose main purpose is not exclusively public service will receive a low priority ranking when considering available vehicles.
  • Travel within the scope of approved club sports where legitimate competition is involved.
  • Development and /or Alumni purpose, when the activity is a direct function of the University’s Mission, and such activity is required within the job description.

University Business does not include the following (i.e. requests will be denied):

  • Travel by organizations for social, non-service or non-academic purpose.
  • Travel by organization, i.e. booster clubs or student organizations not formally affiliated with the University.
  • The Student Life Department or Public Safety Department of Cabrini University may elect to revise or expand these conditions without written notice. This document represents the minimum conditions, which must be met for the use of University vehicles.

Driver Training/Testing for University Vehicles

  • Vehicle Usage Policy review is required for all drivers on an annual basis.
  • Driver training is required for all student drivers once every year. Drivers are required to have a MVR check and pass a road test prior to receiving authorization to drive vans.
  • Faculty/staff driver training is required upon hire. Faculty/staff enrolled as students are considered faculty/staff for this policy.
  • Drivers must complete Vehicle Usage Policy review and necessary training/testing three weeks prior to driving vehicles; this is necessary to complete MVR check.
  • MVR check for all student drivers will be conducted annually; cost may be charged to each department.
  • MVR checks for all faculty/staff will be conducted one time but it is the responsibility of the employee to report any changes to their driving record to the Public Safety Director.
  • Driver training and road tests will be scheduled with the Public Safety Department by making an appointment by calling 610-902-8111. Individual or group training/testing sessions must be scheduled before driving a Cabrini-owned or rented van.

Vehicle Operation/Rules for University Vehicles

  • University vehicles should not be used for personal or non-University business unless approved by the Vice President for Finance.
  • Requests should be submitted to Public Safety no less than five business days before trip.
  • Drivers are responsible for obeying and enforcing all rules, regulations, terms and conditions as set forth in the Cabrini University Vehicle Usage Policy.
  • Drivers are responsible for obeying all federal, state and local traffic laws, as well as campus traffic rules and regulations. Traffic tickets are the responsibility of the driver, not the University.
  • Any approved driver 25 years of age or younger will be subject to the “one and done” rule:
    An approved driver aged 25 years or younger who is involved in one moving violation in the Cabrini vehicles?) will have driving privileges revoked for a three-year period.
  • Drivers are responsible for safe and proper use of University vehicles.
  • Drivers are not permitted to allow passengers to operate the vehicle, unless the passenger is an approved driver.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times. The number of acceptable passengers in a vehicle will be determined by the number of operating seatbelts.
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted to be transported or consumed in University vehicles.
  • Smoking is not permitted in University vehicles.
  • Cell phones and texting are not permitted to be used by the driver while operating the vehicle.
  • Radar detectors and radar jamming equipment are not permitted to be used in University vehicles.
  • Animals, other than trained service animals, are not permitted in University vehicles unless previously approved by the Public Safety Department. Requests should be submitted to Public Safety no less than five business days before trip.
  • Drivers are not permitted to operate a University vehicle under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or while using a prescription and non-prescription medication that has any warning of any impairment, including a warning for drowsiness or not to use when operating heavy machinery.
  • In the event of an accident or other emergency, contact local law enforcement authorities as appropriate and notify Public Safety at 610.902.8245. This applies to University vehicles, University-rented vehicles, and personal vehicles. 
  • Failure to report may result in the revocation of your authorization to drive on behalf of the University. Accidents will be investigated by the Cabrini University Public Safety Department and possibly the Safety Committee, and disciplinary action may be taken.
  • Drivers are responsible for determining if driving conditions are not appropriate for continuing trip. Weather conditions, vehicle conditions, or driver's physical condition may determine whether to continue.
  • Hazardous materials are not permitted to be transported in University vehicles unless previously approved by the Public Safety Department. Requests  should  be submitted to Public Safety Department no less than five business days before the trip.
  • Firearms and other weapons are not permitted to be transported in University vehicles unless previously approved by Public Safety Department. Requests  should be submitted to Public Safety Department no less than five business days before trip.
  • Drivers are not permitted to pick up hitchhikers.
  • Drivers are not permitted to operate a vehicle with anything on top of the vehicle or with anything protruding from a window or door unless previously approved by Public Safety Department. Requests of this nature should be submitted to the Public Safety Department no less five business days before trip.
  • Drivers are not permitted to operate a van to push or tow any vehicle, trailer or equipment unless previously approved by Public Safety Department. Requests should be submitted to Public Safety Department no less than five business days before trip.
  • Drivers should turn vehicle off, remove the keys and lock the vehicle when it is left unattended. Vehicles shall not be left idling when unoccupied.
  • Drivers are responsible for returning vehicles in a clean condition. University vehicles that are left dirty will be cleaned and the department that last used the vehicle will be charged.
  • Drivers should notify Public Safety Department of any unavoidable delays that may cause the vehicle to be returned later than scheduled.
  • In the event of an accident, the deductible will be paid by the department if the driver was determined to be negligent. Driver’s personal insurance will be primary in the event of an accident.


  • Student Clubs/Organizations traveling without their advisor are not permitted to travel more than 200 miles one way, unless previously approved by Public Safety Department. Requests should be submitted to Public Safety no less than five business days before trip.
  • Drivers are not permitted to drive more than four continuous hours without rotating drivers or stopping for a rest period.
  • Drivers are not permitted to drive more than 10 hours during any one day.
  • Driving is not permitted between midnight and 6:00AM unless previously approved by Public Safety.

Rented Vehicles

  • If the University does not have an appropriate vehicle available, vehicles can be rented through a rental agency by the requesting department.
  • Only approved drivers should be renting vehicles on behalf of the University.
  • Insurance waiver must be completed and signed by driver and all passengers.
  • Rental agency may have more stringent age requirements for drivers.
  • Fifteen-passenger vans will not be permitted for rentals.
  • When renting a vehicle from a rental agency, drivers are still required to follow the Vehicle Usage Policy.
  • The insurance offered by the rental company should not be purchased. Liability and physical damage are covered under the University’s business auto policy.
  • Rental fees will be charged to the budget of the renting department.

Vehicle Pickup/Returns

  • Previously reserved university vans must be signed out between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. However, all vehicles must be returned when scheduled by stopping at the Public Safety Department for a vehicle inspection and to return the keys and equipment.  
  • If a group or program need to leave campus before 8am or after 6pm arrangements should be made through scheduling. If the sponsor of the program or groups approves the extend time Public Safety will see this through EMS and honor the request.
  • If vans will be returned much later than originally reserved, please contact public safety as soon as the delay is realized. This is necessary, because the van may be scheduled for use that is dependent upon timely return.
  • Only the designated, approved driver may sign out the reserved van.
  • A valid driver's license will be required to sign out a University vehicle.
  • Drivers must verify vehicle reservation information above if signing out a University vehicle.
  • Drivers and passengers must complete the Assumption of Risk, Waiver, and Release Liability Form before leaving campus. Each individual will complete a form which will include , date, and signature of all for each trip—NO EXCEPTIONS. Prior to driving, drivers must conduct a vehicle inspection of the vehicle and report any existing damage to Public Safety Department, as well as noting the starting and ending mileage and confirming that the following are operational and in good working order: brakes, parking brake, steering mechanism, horn, windshield wipers/washers, rear-vision mirrors, lights, and tires/wheels and ensure that all emergency equipment and documents are in vehicle.
  • Drivers should return University vehicles to their assigned parking space in the assigned gravel lot unless otherwise indicated.
  • Drivers should conduct a post-trip vehicle inspection noting any damage or safety concerns on the Van Checklist. Ending mileage should be noted on the Van Checklist for fuel charge back.
  • Keys, Van Checklist, and the Vehicle Accident Report, if need be, should be returned to the Public Safety Department upon return of University vehicles.

Accident Procedures

  • Stay calm.
  • Stop and secure vehicle.
  • Set out warning devices if necessary.
  • Contact local law-enforcement authorities (911).   
  • Get other driver’s information:
    name, date of birth, driver's license number and state, phone number, address, insurance company and policy number, license plate number, make/model/year of vehicle, damage to vehicle, injury to driver (if any), date, time, road and weather conditions, names and phone numbers of any passengers, injuries to any passengers, names and phone numbers of any witnesses
  • Get the investigating officer's name, badge number, phone number, and report number.
  • Give the other driver your information and vehicle information.
  • Obtain names and addresses of all witnesses for if criminal and/or civil charges are filed against you.
  • Do not make or sign any statements other than that required by law enforcement personnel.
  • Express no opinion as to who was at fault; do not admit any liability.
  • Take the time to draw a diagram of the accident (See “On the Spot” Accident Report).
  • As soon as practical, notify Public Safety at 610.902.8245.
  • If the University vehicle is damaged and is not drivable, have it towed.
  • When you return to campus, make sure the Cabrini University Accident Report is completed and turned into the Public Safety Department.

Breakdown Procedures

  • If fleet vehicle breaks down, the driver should notify Public Safety.
  • Public Safety will help with notifications to determine action to be taken; driver is responsible for making the Public Safety Department aware of all vehicle problems.
  • Any additional expenses incurred for abandonment of vehicle, if not approved by Public Safety Department, alternate transportation or lodging is the responsibility of the individual or the department.
  • If a rental vehicle breaks down, the driver should follow the procedures outlined on the rental agreement; the driver should also report the breakdown to Public Safety.


The Scheduling Manager is responsible for the scheduling of all vehicles used for University-sponsored activities. The Director of Conferences and Events will provide back-up support for the Scheduling Manager as required to avoid disruption of the process.  

The administrative assistant for the Wolfington Center will serve as the contact for all faculty requiring vans for service learning.

All requests to schedule vans must be made as early as possible and no later than 48 hours before a trip. Van requests should be made via the Van Reservation Form on the Cabrini University website. The request form is then routed directly to the Scheduling Manager.

If a group or department realizes that they need an additional vehicle during business hours they are to contact the conferences and events department to see if another vehicle is available. Outside of normal business hours if a group or department needs an additional vehicle Public Safety will check EMS to see if there is an available vehicle.

If a vehicle is available and the group or department has an additional approved driver Public Safety will be able to sign out the additional vehicle and notify the conferences and events department via e-mail.  

When requests do not conform to the van management policy, the request will be directed by the Scheduling Manager to the Director of Conferences and Events for approval. If necessary, the Director of Conferences and Events will seek approval from the Vice President of Finance and Treasurer for any non-conforming request.

Public Safety will be responsible for downloading a daily reservation list. The Scheduling Manager will advise Public Safety of any last minute changes to the reservation list.

Van requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event of conflicting requests, reservations will be processed and confirmed according to the following priorities:

  • Priority One – Academic Service Learning:
    service-learning experiences
  • Priority Two – Other Academic Uses:
    trips of off-campus programs related to a living-learning community (LLC), Saturday seminar, etc.
  • Priority Three – Student Activities:
    student activities scheduled through the Center for Student Engagement & Leadership, Wolfington Center, Campus Ministry, Athletics (for requests requiring more than two vans), or Intramurals & Recreation
  • Priority Four – Clubs & Organizations:
    activities scheduled by individual academic and co-curricular student groups, clubs, and organizations
  • Priority Five – Faculty/Administration Use:
    trips for large groups of faculty or administration for work-related activities
  • Priority Six, All other campus activities and events

Requests may be submitted at any time, but will not be confirmed earlier than two weeks before the start of the semester in which use is requested.

Van Distribution

Athletics will be given priority one status on a maximum of two vans as required to meet transportation needs for scheduled athletic contests. Athletics must provide the scheduling coordinator with a schedule of specific dates and times van usage is required as soon as the athletic schedule is determined. When their schedule has been accommodated, the vans will be returned to the fleet inventory.

Vans will be assigned by the scheduling coordinator based on the number of occupants and fleet availability. Requestors may not request specific vans for purposes other than accessibility for mobility-impaired passengers.

Scheduling Procedures:

  1. Individuals/groups are to submit a completed Van Reservation Form as early as possible before a planned trip.
    The Director of Conferences and Events will have access to the van scheduling system and will be listed on the Scheduling Manager’s voice mail as an alternate contact.  
    1. Vans must be reserved and confirmed before the event is in the final planning stages (e.g., printing materials, advertising the event, etc.) to ensure availability.
    2. All requests for vans will be acknowledged within three working days. 
      If there is a compelling need for immediate confirmation of a request, the requestor should contact the scheduling coordinator via telephone after submitting a completed van request form.
    3. Groups requesting a van must have at least one approved driver per van requested (more than one may be necessary for longer trips). Public Safety is responsible for testing and maintaining records on approved drivers. An application for driving permits may be obtained at cabrini.edu/PublicSafety.
    4. All requests submitted by students/student groups must have the approval of Student Engagement and Leadership and submit a copy of an Event Registration Form to the Scheduling Manager.
    5. The Wolfington Center will facilitate all faculty requests for service learning.
    6. Vans may be reserved for regularly scheduled use (weekly, monthly, etc.) only on a semester-by-semester basis.
    7. Please plan ahead! Due to anticipated high demand, vans may not be available for last-minute requests.
    8. Individuals/groups using University vans must abide by the Van Usage Policy.
    9. Cabrini University reserves the right to revoke van scheduling privileges from any individual or group that does not follow the van scheduling or safety policies.
    10. The Scheduling Manager reserves the right to cancel or reassign vans based on institutional issues or emerging needs.