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Cell Phone Policy

This policy outlines the use of cell phones (to include blackberries and smart phones) for authorized employee users. Cabrini offers a non-taxable allowance for cell phone service to employees whose duties and responsibilities require them to carry cell phones.

The Human Resources and Administrative Services departments are charged with implementing the policy, which is applicable for all Cabrini University authorized users.

Cabrini will no longer purchase cell phones, blackberries, smart phones, etc., nor will any existing cell/blackberry/smart phone contracts be extended.

In order to avoid cancellation fees and to allow for an orderly transition, employees currently using a Cabrini-owned device have until the end of the current contract to make alternative arrangements to comply with the revised policy.

Please contact the Administrative Services Coordinator to find out the termination date of the Univeristy-owned cell/data plan.

The appropriate area vice president may authorize a cell phone allowance for staff who carry a cell phone for Cabrini business.

If authorized, employees required to carry a cell phone for Cabrini business will receive compensation in the form of a cell phone allowance.

Simple convenience is not a criterion for a cell phone allowance. An allowance may be authorized if at least one of the following two criteria is met:

  1. The job function of the employee requires considerable time outside of their assigned office or work area and it is important to the University that they are accessible during those times.

  2. The job function of the employee requires them to be accessible outside of scheduled or normal working hours.

Scope and Applicability
This policy is applicable to all Cabrini staff as referenced in the specific procedures and guidelines outlined as follows.


Approval of Allowance
The use of cellular telephones is not a work requirement for most employees.

Employees who are not issued a Cabrini cell phone, and/or are not receiving a cell phone allowance per this policy, will not be reimbursed for the use of their personal cellular telephones unless otherwise agreed upon and are expected to make business calls from the office.

Employees whose duties and responsibilities require them to carry a cell phone are eligible for a cell phone allowance.

A cell phone allowance may be requested using the Cell Phone Allowance Request Form.

The form must be approved by the vice president for the area in which they work and forwarded to Administrative Services to begin the allowance and again at the beginning of every fiscal year.

Determination of Allowance Amount
The dollar amount of the cell phone allowance should approximate the employee's anticipated business-related expenses only.

The allowance is intended to reimburse the employee for the business use of the phone, not to pay the entire phone bill, under the assumption that most employees also use their cell phone for personal calls.

Supervisors should use the following schedule to determine the appropriate allowance.

Under no circumstances should the approved monthly allowance amount exceed the actual monthly cell charges incurred by the employee.

  • Tier 1 - $30/month: This allowance is for the employee who has light usage of the cell phone for business purposes (less than 450 minutes).

  • Tier 2 - $45/month: This allowance is for the employee who has heavy cell phone usage (450 minutes or more) plus extra phone services such as email and calendar integration for their job.

  • Tier 3 - $70/mo: This allowance is for the employee who is out in the field a significant amount of the time (50% plus), and is specifically for cell phone usage and mobile broadband for wireless card/laptops (not internet usage for their phone). Hardware and any additional costs are not the responsibility of Cabrini.

Note: any employee who receives a cell phone allowance is required to register their cell phone number with Cabrini’s Emergency Notification System at www.cabrini.edu/TXT.

Transition Period
Please note that this policy is for any new phone allowance authorized.

During the transition period, lasting for two years, or the duration of the current contract period, if longer than two years, phone ownership will remain with the University and the full amount of the contract will be paid.

Upon expiration of each contract, the device will transfer ownership from Cabrini to the employee at no cost.

At that point, the employee is responsible for the transfer to a personal cell phone contract, and the University no longer holds liability for the condition of the equipment.

Establishing the Allowance
Use the Cell Phone Allowance Request Form:

The Cell Phone Annual Allowance Request Form must be re-submitted at the beginning of each fiscal year.

The cell phone allowance is paid monthly through accounts payable and is non-taxable.

This allowance does not increase the employee’s base salary and will not be included in the calculation of any Cabrini benefits. This allowance is subject to all applicable taxes.

The allowance is not an entitlement. The amount can be changed or withdrawn without notice at any time.

Discontinuance of Allowance
If an employee is terminated, resigns, transfers, or is no longer eligible for a cell phone allowance, the employee’s supervisor should submit a revised Cell Phone Allowance Request Form noting “Discontinue allowance as of XX/XX/XX” in the business justification section.

Digital and Email Plan
While most new phones are easily synced with mail servers, the University has the ability to connect our email system to cell phones via ActiveSync and/or Blackberry Enterprise software.

It is up to the discretion of the department head or dean to determine if there is a need to receive Cabrini emails on their on-call phone.

Individuals using their personal phone for Cabrini business may opt to have connected with ActiveSync, or the Blackberry Enterprise Server.

In the event that it is deemed necessary, the department or individual may be responsible for purchasing additional licenses through the IT department.

Existing licenses will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. The IT department is not responsible for data loss or connection errors due to provider-network issues.

Cell Phone Service and Use
The cell phone service is personally owned by the employee. An employee with a cell phone allowance must maintain an active cell phone contract for the life of the allowance.

Employees are encouraged to take appropriate safety precautions when using their cellular telephone. If your job requires that you keep your cell phone turned on while driving, you must use a hands-free device.

Under no circumstances should employees place calls while operating a motor vehicle while driving on University business and/or during University time.

In addition, writing, sending, or reading text-based communication—including text messaging, instant messaging, and email—on wireless or cell phone while driving is a violation of this policy.

If you must conduct Cabrini business while in your vehicle, then safely pull off the road or do so while parked. Employees are expected to comply with applicable state laws regarding the use of cellular telephones.

Exceptions to Cell Phone Allowance

Cabrini-Owned Cell Phones
Institutional cell phones are for business purposes.

A Cabrini-owned shared cell phone that does not leave the campus and is turned in by each employee at the end of his/her shift or is assigned to an employee for on-call purposes and used for business purposes only is exempt from the cell phone allowance policy.

Phone bills for exempt cell phones must be reviewed monthly by department heads to verify business use.

Although the occasional use of a Cabrini cell phone for personal calls may be necessary, incoming and outgoing personal calls are discouraged.

Employees must reimburse Cabrini for personal phone calls made from an institutional cell phone. Reimbursements should be processed through your supervisor.

Note that misuse of the phone—using it in ways inconsistent with Cabrini policy or with local, state or federal laws—will result in immediate cancellation of the cell-phone privilege.