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The Mansion at Cabrini and an Emergency call box

Timely Warnings

Purpose & Scope 
Cabrini will issue “timely warnings” to students and employees about crimes occurring on or proximate to the campus, when those crimes are determined to represent a potential threat to their safety and self-protective actions should be taken, regardless of whether or not the alleged victims and/or perpetrators are members of the Cabrini community.

Timing & Distribution 
Warnings will be issued as quickly as pertinent information is available to enable students and staff to take self-protective measures.

They will be disseminated via one or more of the following methods used individually or in combination:

  • the University’s emergency text messaging system
  • the University’s email system
  • verbal instructions or information issued by University personnel
  • notices posted throughout campus buildings and in the student newspaper

Warnings using these methods may be issued simultaneously or staggered as required to provide relevant information and achieve the intent of promoting safety.

Warnings issued via the emergency text notification system will report that an incident has occurred, issue brief instructions about self-protective measures to be taken immediately and reference where additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

When verbal notifications are made by Public Safety and/or Residence Life staff, the same information disseminated via the emergency text notification system will be issued.

Generally, the text message emergency notification system and any verbal notifications will direct recipients to the email system and/or website for additional information and/or updates.

Warnings disseminated through the Cabrini email system and/or posted to the website will describe the nature of the event, the location where it occurred, the approximate time it took place, and steps that should be taken for self-protection.

Decision Process 
Decisions to issue timely warnings will be made by the Director of Public Safety.

Consideration will be given to the nature of the crime, the presence of an on-going or continued threat to the safety of students and staff, and the requirements of local law enforcement agencies for protecting the integrity of their investigations.

Warnings issued through the emergency text message system and/or via email will be disseminated by the Director of Public Safety.

Warnings issued verbally will be made by Public Safety staff and, as appropriate to the notification of resident students, by members of the Residence Life staff.