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Campus Posting Policy

All campus postings, fliers, and posters must be approved by the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership (SEaL), which assumes responsibility for administering guidelines and monitoring and enforcing this policy with student organizations, clubs, and departments.

SEaL approves and stamps original postings—duplicates should be made from a stamped original—and is responsible for removing postings that are not approved, posted in the wrong places, not posted using push pins or staples. Resident Assistants monitor residence halls.

  • Any posting not stamped by SEaL will be removed.
  • Postings are permitted only in certain approved locations.
  • Any postings on walls, doors, windows, lamp posts, trees, trash cans, etc. will be removed.
  • Multiple postings in one area will be removed.  
  • Posting on cars and off campus is not permitted.
  • Postings must clearly state the organization and/or sponsor, along with any other pertinent information, including time, date, location, and cost.
  • SEaL reserves the right to refuse postings found to be inappropriate for the Cabrini campus or that promote anything in violation of Cabrini policies, procedures, and core values.
  • Postings making any reference to alcohol, drugs, sex, or tobacco (either written or pictorial) will be reviewed by the Director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership or the Vice President of Student Life.
  • Clubs and organizations are responsible for postings when approved and also for removing postings by the stamped expiration date. If postings are not removed, this will result in a violation of the Posting Policy and potential loss of posting privileges.

Approved Campus Posting Locations

  • Stairwell bulletin boards in Widener Center (push pins and staples only)
  • Mailbox-area bulletin boards in Widener Center
  • Bulletin boards in Founder’s Hall and Iadarola Center (push pins and staples only)

In The Cabrini Bean, table tents and fliers (taped to black-and-white tiled pillars only) are allowed with permission from The Cabrini Bean Manager.

In the Dixon Center, postings may be pinned to corkboard strips in the entrance vestibule only. Any other posting in the Dixon Center requires staff approval.

To post in residence halls, have postings approved in SEaL; then make 60 copies and take them to Residence Life for distribution to Resident Assistants.

The Mail Room will not stuff student mailboxes.

Sidewalk Chalk advertising—Cabrini campus only and not on buildings—must be approved in SEaL bring a typed sheet with wording and organization details.

When posting, please be mindful and respectful of other groups/organizations when determining the number of copies you will post.

If there is a questionable location, please contact the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership at 610.902.8755 to ask if a particular location is appropriate.

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