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#NoFilter Learning Community

Myths, Realities, Promises

From social media to major news outlets to movies, the world is often presented to us with multiple “filters” shading our perception of reality.

What would the world look like with #nofilter?

In this Learning Community, students will consider how myths are constructed and why people believe them. We will examine how a biased or even untruthful statement can become viral and what we can do to interrupt these cultural conversations with a different viewpoint.  

Students will enroll in English 100 which will focus on myth-making and how certain individuals become icons or superheroes in our culture. 

This course helps students develop mastery over the moves and methods of academic writing and includes an integrated writing component linked with Engagements with the Common Good 100, which is a class focused on the myths and realities of the foster care system and the injustices facing young adults who age out of the system without being adopted. 

In College Success Seminar, students will build a plan for achieving goals in college and discover their greatest strengths. 

In the #NoFilter learning community, students will find a team of faculty, staff, and student leaders who will support them in strengthening their communication skills, academic habits, and vision for success. 

Faculty Directors:

  • Saleem Brown, Faculty Co-Director, Associate Director, First-Year Experience and Student Transitions
  • George Asimos, Faculty Co-Director, Instructor, English

Fall Semester Courses:

  • COL 101 – College Success Seminar
  • ENG 100 – Intro to Writing

Spring Semester Courses:

  • ENG 200 – Writing II - OR - ECG 100: Foster Youth
  • COL 201 - Psychology to Success

For more information, contact Dr. Richie Gebauer at 610.902.8592 or gebauer@cabrini.edu.

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