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Balance Learning Community

Want to gain skills you can apply in any area of life—keeping your cool, maintaining your center, balancing your school life and social life, staying focused, ready, alert—and fully present in the moment?  The Balance Learning Community invites you to join us in practicing concrete strategies to train your awareness and discover how to live a purpose-driven life. By joining this LC you get to try out hands-on approaches to help you “stay centered,” “stay calm,” “maintain your balance,” and become clearer on where to focus your attention. You can apply these references immediately—in your everyday life—and then translate them to professional contexts, too.

All of the courses in the Balance LC revolve around the practice of reflexivity: turning a thoughtful, introspective lens on one’s self and one’s actions. In AST 206, COL 101, ECG 100, and AST 205 students practice awareness training, deep listening, deliberative dialogue and appreciative inquiry attentive to worldviews or backgrounds that are different from their own. This learning will extend beyond the classroom with students participating in innovative workshops that help build neutral references, visiting mindful martial arts and yoga studios, and/or engaging with monthly art events showcasing art by the people for the people. 

If you’re interested in developing your own mental and physical balance, how to improve awareness of your own thoughts, actions, and emotions as well as your daily surroundings (social, academic, professional), this community is for you!


Faculty Director:

Faculty Fellows:

  • Sinmisola Ogunyinka, Adjunct Professor, Writing and Narrative Arts
  • Lan Tran, Adjunct Professor, History and Political Science

Student Fellow:

  • Kelley Hennessy, Student Fellow, AST206
  • Philip Hartana, Student Fellow, AST206

Fall Semester Courses:

  • COL 101 - Cabrini Success Seminar
  • AST206 - Conflict and Cooperation
  • WNA101 - Intro to Writing

Spring Semester Courses:

  • AST 205 - History of Art and Protest
  • ECG100 - Engagements with the Common Good - Proposing Purpose