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Communication: Telling Stories That Matter Learning Community

What is a story? What stories do we tell ourselves? What stories do others tell us about ourselves?

Perhaps our stories serve to remind us of who we are and what the world is like and how we should think and act. If so, we continue creating and listening to stories throughout our lives.

The “Communication: Telling Stories That Matter” Learning Community offers you the opportunity to study some specific kinds of stories. These stories are communicated through the electronic and print media of today’s world and studied through their historic evolution.

These stories evolve from different kinds of professional communications from journalistic styles to those of business writing to those best supported by the creation of video and audio and photographic multimedia stories that define who we are and what we think the world should be. And, most importantly, by their nature, these stories reflect and communicate values.

Designed for both Communication majors and students interested in other majors, the Communication: Telling Stories That Matter Learning Community offers many benefits.

What kinds of stories will you study? 

In the fall semester, you’ll study:

  • how you consume media’s stories across platforms in your “Introduction to Mass Communication” course
  • how media’s stories are produced today
  • how to create a multimedia website story about an important social justice issue of society
  • social justice issues through your course called “Our Interdependent World” that offers wide-ranging and in-depth analyses of stories’ and their values that shape our world

In the spring semester, you’ll study facets of different stories including:

  • ethical values in philosophy and communication looking back to the origins of rhetoric as persuasion
  • contemporary ethical problems in the media today
  • media production as you create new sites and move into the study and use of social media

And throughout the year, you’ll experience the fun of making new friends. The “Communication: Telling Stories That Matter” Learning Community offers monthly social opportunities outside of the classroom including the popular trips to media in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., with connections to editors and message creators.

And you’ll be part of our social gatherings, like the semester BBQ, with Communication majors and faculty and alumni. And we can add social events as you suggest them!

As you study and reflect and create different kinds of stories during the fall and spring semesters of your first year, you’ll be part of a challenging and enjoyable academic and social environment that will enrich your life at Cabrini University.

Faculty Director:

Faculty Fellows:

Student Fellow:

  • Kyleigh Brunotte, Student Fellow, COL101 & COM101

Fall Semester Courses:

  • COL 101: Cabrini Success Seminar
  • COM 101: Introduction to Mass Communication

Spring Semester Course:

  • ECG100: Our Interdependent World
  • SEM102: History of Racism and Anti-Racism