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Clubs and Student Organizations

Cabrini students connect with classmates and the wider world in more than 50 clubs and organizations ranging from intramural sports to professional organizations to clubs focused on arts, culture, and community.

All student organizations must register through the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership to be recognized by the University.

Clubs can submit event and fundraiser requests in order to reserve space on campus for meetings and programs.

For policies and procedures regarding clubs, student leaders should refer to the Student Organization Leader Manual. 

For students who excel in their majors, they will have the opportunity to join national and international honor societies. These groups foster scholarly activities, encourage a sense of intellectual community among members, and connect students to others studying in their field and professionals in the working world.

Registered Cabrini Clubs as of Oct. 2021

Name of Club/Organization


Accounting Association 

Promotes accounting education, research, and practice. The Accounting Association connects students with accounting professionals and alumni and provides educational opportunities and professional development events for students interested in accounting.

Anime Club 

Anime club is a fun and inclusive environment where students can enjoy, discuss, and appreciate anime and Japanese culture. We enjoy our favorite genres and make long-lasting experiences in our club.

Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA)

Enhancing opportunities for Latinos in the business, accounting, finance, and related professions; ALPFA’s student members have access to paid summer internships through hundreds of Fortune 1000 corporate partners. Instagram - alpfa_cu

Black Student Union

A safe space for black students at Cabrini and we talk about race issues. All races welcome.

Body Image Coalition

To spread the message of body positivity around Cabrini's campus! Informal meetings to provide support and foster self-love.

Cabrini Dance Team 

The Cabrini Dance Team is an athletic club that allows students to continue their creative abilities and dance technique. We like to create dance routines together, work hard on our abilities, and collaborate to accommodate all dance styles and strengths. The team performs locally at Cabrini basketball and baseball games, and campus events such as Halloween Havoc and Cav-a-Thon. The team is also involved in fundraising opportunities on campus, such as selling CDT shirts and running snack stands at campus sports games. Follow us on Instagram! @cabrinidanceteam

Cabrini Esports


Cabrini Ultimate Frisbee

To provide students with the athletic outlet of frisbee, without the commitment of a varsity sports team. Twitter - @CabriniUltimate
Instagram - CabriniUltimate
Email - cabriniultimate@gmail.com

Cabrini University Cheerleading

We cheer for the men's and women's basketball teams, we perform at campus even like Cabrini Havoc, Bonfire, etc. We are here to bring spirit campus-wide.  Instagram - @cabrinicavscheer

Cabrini University Math Club

To promote interest in Mathematics among students and the community at large.

Cabrini's Friends of Exceptional Children 

CFEC is an advocacy club for exceptional children. We participate in walk, fundraisers, and events that support children with special needs. exceptionalchildren.org Instagram - @cabrini.cfec

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

The purpose of CRS is to inform and lobby for underdeveloped countries focusing on migrants/refugees, human trafficking, fair trade, poverty, hunger, climate change, etc. 

Chess Club

The presence of the Chess Club on campus is intended to promote the classic pastime as well as encourage new players to express unique styles, talents, and interests. It is the hope that the club will, in time, compete with other institutions and/or local clubs, and bring further prestige to the University. Ultimately, through the awareness, training, and accomplishments of the club and its individuals from a variety of backgrounds, a community of fellowship, esteem, and character will be crafted through chess. 

Delta Xi Phi

Delta Xi Phi aims to promote its five pillars: advancement of women through higher education, community service, friendship, multicultural awareness, sisterhood.

Educators for Equity and Social Justice

The intended purpose of the EESJ is to give students an outlet to advocate for equity in education, facilitate open discussions on issues surrounding education, and further develop their skills together prior to entering the field. Feel free to follow us on Instagram @cu_ed4equity

Finance Association

The intended purpose of the Cabrini Finance Association is to improve the finance and business knowledge, skills, network, and opportunities for the members and students involved.


This club was created to provide a way for Cabrini students to be active in whatever way they enjoy, despite being an athlete or not. In the club, we do meditation, stretching, workouts, and much more. You can follow us on Instagram to learn more @cabrini_fit4u or sign up for the club here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wvmeOA-RJhSIq9JBo9-Ps-KTIKDI3FVTaRhZMsQ2AxQ/edit 

Glamour Gals

To inspire and organize student volunteers to give complimentary manicures to women living in senior homes. In pandemic times, when visiting is not possible to reach out to senior through card writing.

Investment Club

To increase the knowledge of investing to Cabrini Students. 

Jewish Student Union

To bring together a group of minority students on campus and educate others about the culture and practices of the Jewish people.

Muslim Student Association

To encourage and enable Muslims and non-Muslims with basic knowledge of humanity, equality, and service to others. We hold bake sales to help raise money for organizations that help those in need. Hold clothing drives during the winter season and donate them to organizations or local areas that accept donated clothes.  Instagram - @cu.msa

Poetry Club

The club serves to allow students to express themselves through different platforms. We provide writing prompts to engage in and "open mic" through our meetings.

Psychology Club

This club exists in order to bring together psych lovers to allow them to discuss psychology in a less formal environment. 

Social Work Club

Cabrini University’s Social Work Club's purpose is to promote an awareness of and interest in the Social Work profession and mission, to encourage participation in activities related to social work practice, to promote and abide by the NASW Code of Ethics, encourage support, friendship, and growth to students.

Society for Collegiate Journalists

Communication honor society https://scjnational.org/ 


The purpose of this club is to provide a safe space for all Cabrini students who identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community, for their allies, and to continue LGBTQIA+ education on campus. Any events that we hope to host this year are intended to celebrate our diverse identities, increase our visibility on campus, and educate.

The Science Club

The purpose of the science club is to involve students and faculty of campus in fun, yet educative, science-related activities. 

Water polo

This club is meant to create a fun environment where individuals can learn a new sport and make new friends. We will host practices and hopefully games. 

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