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Starting a Recognized Student Organization 

All student organizations must register through the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership to be recognized by Cabrini. Registration forms are due within the first 30 days of the fall semester, and must be completed each year by all organizations.   

Status as a Recognized Student Organization does not imply that Cabrini endorses the views of the organization as a group. Rather, it implies that the institution accepts the organization’s mission as educationally valid and that the organization has complied with the registration procedures. 

Registered Student Organization Registration Form 

All Recognized Student Club and Organizations (RSOs) are required to abide by the Club and Organization Manual for registration, club functions and management, requesting funds from Student Government Association, fundraising, and event planning. The manual can be found online: Cabrini SEaL Recognized Student Organization Handbook.docx  

The benefits of registering a student club or organization include: 

  • Use of the Cabrini University name on and off-campus  
  • Solicit membership on campus  
  • Utilize SEaL resources, including supplies and staff support 
  • Reserve space on campus for organizational meetings, events, activities, programs 
  • Conduct events and fundraisers on and off campus 
  • Request funding from SGA in accordance with budget request guidelines 
  • Listing as a recognized student organization in all appropriate institutional publications. 
  • Organization budget account through the Business Office. 
  • Utilize assistance from SEaL and Institutional Advancement to promote outside Cabrini sponsorships for student organizations events and/or fundraisers. 

All Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) require 4 items to be fully registered as an organization by the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership: 

  1. A constitution. This MUST be uploaded with the Registration Form.
  2. An executive board with enough officers to carry out the functions and purpose of the organization and a general membership roster of at least 5 additional members 
  3. Each individual Executive Board and General Member will need to complete the RSO Membership Form
  4. An advisor who is a full-time Cabrini University faculty or staff member
    -- Advisor must complete RSO Advisor Agreement Form  
  5. A Registered Student Organization Registration Form
    -- NOTE: The following is needed to complete the RSO Registration Form:  
    • Constitution *Form cannot be submitted without a Constitution)*
    • President/Leader information: Position, Full Name, Cabrini Email Address, Cabrini ID Number 
    • Advisor Information: Full Name, Email 


Previously Established RSOs 
All previously established RSOs are required to register each year, by completing the process outlined above. 

Forming a new RSO 

  • Identify at least five other Cabrini University students with a common interest. 
  • Identify a full-time Cabrini University faculty or professional staff member willing to serve as the advisor. 
  • Write a constitution. 
  • Complete the registration process outlined above. 

Inactive RSOs 
An inactive RSO is one that does not meet the student organization registration requirements as outlined above and/or is inactive for more than three consecutive semesters. When this occurs, any funds, assets, or materials purchased and acquired by the organization will be turned over.  

Club Reactivation  
A group of students interested in reactivating an organization that was once an RSO but is currently inactive may do so by following the procedure for forming a new RSO. 

Academic and Disciplinary Standing for RSO Members 
While participating in co-curricular activities is an integral part of the college student experience, SEaL considers academic success to be students’ primary goal. To this end, organization members and officers are expected to meet academic standards, as well as abide by all student conduct responsibilities.  RSO Advisors and the Director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership monitor grades at the close of each semester.  

  • The overall grade point averages (GPA) of all officers and members must be 2.0 or above (unless a higher minimum is specified in the organization’s constitution).  
  • All club members must be enrolled as undergraduate students with Cabrini University and be in good academic and disciplinary standing. 
  • A student on disciplinary or academic probation (overall GPA below 2.0) is ineligible to participate in RSOs as an officer, director, or member.  
  • The club advisor and Center for Student Engagement and Leadership will inform students of their ineligibility. Ineligible students, when informed, may not be active in the group until they are in good academic and/or disciplinary standing and are removed from the probation list. 

Students can appeal to the Director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership for extenuating reasons.