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PreK-4 Education with Special Education PreK-12

The PreK-4 Education with Special Education PreK-12 curriculum prepares teachers to understand their professional roles, including the history and legal implications, and the nature of students with disabilities.

The program provides techniques for creating an educational environment where all students have equal opportunity to develop academically, as well as socially.

The curriculum stresses assessment, program planning, evaluation, and instructional methods in relation to theories of growth, development, and basic learning theory.

Teachers also learn to consider affective needs, to implement behavior management principles and to manage the learning environment.

The program meets the requirements for the Pennsylvania Department of Education Certificate, Teacher of the Mentally and/or Physically Handicapped.

Beginning in the sophomore year, students participate in field experiences each Wednesday for the full day. Students are assigned to a variety of special education settings so that before entering the student teaching situation, each student will have participated in different settings for exceptional students.

  • Seniors must arrange their own transportation during their student teaching semester.
  • Cabrini does not provide transportation during the student teaching semester.

Note: Some courses are offered only in the evening or the late afternoon. Most special-education courses are offered only one semester each year (consult your curriculum model).

Consider the sequence of course offerings when planning a complete program.

Required Courses for PreK-4 Education with Special Education PreK–12 (all courses 3 credits unless noted)

  • BIO 121 - Life Science and Health for Elementary Teachers (Recommended)
  • EDF 290 - Field Experience for Education Majors (1 credit)
  • EDF 390 - Field Experience (English Language Learners) (1 credit)
  • EDF 391 - Field Experience (Special Education/Inclusion) (1 credit)
  • EDF 392 - Low Incidence Field Experience (1 credit)
  • EDU 171 - Reading and Language Arts I
  • EDU 172 - Reading and Language Arts II
  • EDU 304 - Foundations of Education
  • EDU 308 - Classroom Management Techniques
  • EDU 380 - Theories and Activities
  • EDU 390 - Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Theory to Practice
  • EDU 393 - Advocacy for Well-Being Seminar (1 credit)
  • EDU 402 - Pre-Student Teaching  (2 credits)
  • EDU 406 - Family, School, and Community
  • EDU 490 - Student Teaching (6 credits)
  • ELE 281 - Teaching Social Studies and Social Justice
  • ELE 381 - Curriculum Methods in Science & Health
  • ELE 471 - Reading and Language Arts III
  • ELE 481 - Math Discoveries with Young Children
  • HIS 107 - Survey of U.S. History I
  • HIS 108 - Survey of U.S. History II
  • PHY 120 - Physical Science for Elementary Teachers (Recommended)
  • SPE 110 - Introduction to Developmental Psychology and Learning Theory
  • SPE 205 - Legal and Ethical Issues (Fall)
  • SPE 221 - High Incidence Disabilities (Spring)
  • SPE 302 - Assessment I
  • SPE 312 - Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Issues and Trends (Spring)
  • SPE 320 - Instructional Strategies for Learners with Diverse Needs
  • SPE 360 - Low Incidence Disabilities (Fall)
  • SPE 406 - Assessment II & Professionalism (Fall)
  • SPE 491 - Student Teaching (6 credits)

Total credits for major: 88

Special Requirements

  • Education students should read the Field Experience Handbook to determine specific core requirements.
  • Education majors must meet Pennsylvania Department of Education testing requirements.