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Teacher Education Department  

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini said, “It is in your hands [the teachers’] to form new generations, to lead them in the right direction, to instill into them those principles which are the seeds of good works.”

In this light, the Cabrini University Teacher Education Programs provide the knowledge and skills necessary to educate children from all walks of life and encourage the development of a philosophy of education consistent with American Democratic Ideals and Traditions.

Admission to the Department (Certification Tracks)

Students may major in one of the certification tracks or in Educational Studies. Acceptance into Cabrini University does not guarantee admission to a specific certification track. Students are encouraged to consult their education advisor, individual program coordinators or the Department Chair to discuss certification requirements. The selection of a certification major helps to plan a course of study, but does not mean you are a candidate for certification.

After the following requirements are achieved a student working with their advisor will be offered official acceptance into the certification track:

  • Completion of 60 credits of coursework, including the following:
    • 6 credits of Mathematics (Note: MAT 130 - Calculus will fulfill this requirement.)
    • 6 credits of English (met through our ECG program)
  • Establish and maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Compliance with the Basic Skills Requirement in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics (consult with your advisor) - This requirement is waived by ACT 55, signed by Governor Wolf on July 8, 2022 until July 8, 2025.
  • Display a Disposition for the professon (see department rubric).

To enroll in 300- or 400-level education courses, students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Department. Students who are majoring in other fields and who wish to take education courses as electives must have special permission from the Teacher Education Department Chair. Any student earning a “C-” or lower in a course required for the education major must repeat that course. All coursework and field experiences must be completed satisfactorily before student teaching.

Field Experience and Student Teaching 

Beginning with the sophomore year, students participate in full-day field experiences in local schools. Seniors must arrange their own transportation during their student teaching or internship semester.

Master of Education Degree 
Cabrini’s MEd degree may be combined with teacher certification in PreK-4 or secondary education. Other add-on certifications include: special education, reading, and ESL.

The program, approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, offers required and elected  education courses and certifications at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Title II Report 
Single-Assessment Institution-Level Pass-Rate Data

The Center for Universal Design for Learning, Technology, and Resources in Founder’s Hall contains:

  • the Center for Assistive Technology, outfitted with computers, a mobile iPad cart, and an extensive collection of K–12 software; used in courses that deal with the integration of technology and teaching

  • the Education Curriculum Library, a circulating collection of instructional materials for education majors and Teacherworks with tools and craft supplies, where education majors create instructional materials

Act 13 Support for 2020 Teacher Graduates

 Career Resources



Certification Reciprocity

After successful completion of your teacher preparation program and receiving your Pennsylvania Instructional I Certification, you have the possibility of converting your certification with another state. At the minimum, you will need to submit your official transcript and proof of your PA teaching certificate. You will need to check the state's department of education website to determine any additional criteria that you may need to complete for that state.

Frequently Requested DOE pages:

Delaware DOE                   New Jersey DOE               New York SED                    Maryland SDOE