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Cabrini students with typewriters and a laptop, then and now

Changes to Academic Records

Cabrini University will be closing on June 30, 2024, following the conclusion of the Spring 2024 semester. After the closure, access to the student academic records of Cabrini University will be managed by Villanova University’s Registrar’s Office. Details regarding procedures to request those records and official academic transcripts are still being finalized and will be announced as the designated transition date draws closer.

In conjunction with this closure and transition, requests for changes to Cabrini University student academic records will end for all semesters, as records must be readied and finalized for transition to Villanova.

Consequently, any final requests for changes to Cabrini University student academic records for semesters other than the current Spring 2024 semester must be received in writing by the Cabrini University Registrar’s Office (registrar@cabrini.edu) by March 15, 2024. The request will be reviewed and acted upon within prevailing Cabrini academic policy. Requests submitted after that date will not be accepted, reviewed, or considered.

Spring 2024 is Cabrini’s final semester. Cabrini’s academic records will be closed completely at the end of the Spring 2024 grading cycle, 30 days after the last day of final exams, or June 11, 2024. There will be NO Summer 2024 adjustments, courses, registration, grades, or graduation.

In addition, once Villanova assumes control of Cabrini University’s academic records, they are bound by law from making any changes or adjustments. Villanova staff will only manage access to Cabrini’s academic records. Therefore, any requests for changes to the records cannot be accepted by Villanova.

Questions regarding these procedures or the announced deadline for academic records changes may be directed to the Cabrini University Registrar’s Office at registrar@cabrini.edu.