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Cabrini launches new academic programs

Posted on 12/16/2020 3:04:41 PM

Cabrini added several new academic programs this semester that align with the knowledge and skillsets required for in-demand professions. Building from the University’s established areas of expertise and strength in the arts, science, and business, these four new majors and one minor will prepare students to enter the workforce or graduate programs well-prepared.

“Students and parents expect a return on their investment, so we always strive to ensure that new programs at Cabrini offer students a stellar education and an opportunity for gainful employment upon graduation,” Chioma Ugochukwu, PhD, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, said. “Each of the new programs in this latest batch will give our students a competitive advantage.”


Biochemistry: The new Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry major prepares students for successful careers in areas such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, medicine, biotechnology, government labs, and secondary education. Students receive the hands-on lab experience that will set them up for success after graduation.  

“The Biochemistry major is in alignment with Cabrini’s mission, the Education of the Heart,” Melinda Harrison, PhD, Chair of the Science Department, said. “Students who earn this degree will be advocates, researchers, and leaders in the growing and diverse biochemistry field.”

Design Management: The Design Management major at Cabrini University—for students interested in collaborating with clients on the creative needs of their businesses—is the only program of its kind at the undergraduate level on the East Coast.  

“Our new Design Management major focuses on the business of design by connecting graphic design with applied marketing skills,” Jeanne Komp, Chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, said. “Students will learn the software and foundational graphic design skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape.”

Music Industry and Business: Cabrini’s Music Industry and Business major benefits students interested in a career in the multi-billion-dollar music industry business, regardless of their prior performing or nonperforming experience. Majors will learn how to be successful in today’s digital age of music through licensing, management, publishing, and marketing.

“During the pandemic, we have seen how adaptable musicians are and how music is not only an important part of all of our lives, but how despite the challenges, we find a creative way to create, promote, and earn money from this craft,” Stephen Grieco, DMA, Assistant Professor of Music, said.

Nursing: The inaugural cohort of Cabrini’s direct-entry BSN program enrolled this fall. The Nursing program provides a humanistic experience to its students by combining experiential learning with a core curriculum based on social justice and leadership development.

“Cabrini Nursing focuses on the care of vulnerable and underserved populations in diverse settings,” Jennifer Specht, PhD, RN, Nursing Program Founding Director, said. “Our contemporary curriculum and humanistic experiences, coupled with our innovative Clinical Simulation Center, are preparing the next generation of health heroes by offering them meaningful experiences at all levels."


American Studies: With Cabrini's new minor in American Studies, students investigate what it means to be "American," and consider how national identities are expressed. They are taught to look at cultural forms across the Americas—their history, art, folklore, politics, social mores, and literature. 

Students take classes that allow them to respond to contemporary issues in creative ways, such as through interactive dialogue, artistic expression, or movement-based learning.

"We are excited about the new minor because it complements a wide range of majors and offers an approach to subject matter that is timely and relevant," Cabrini's Professor of American Studies, Nancy Watterson, PhD, said.

Sports Communication: Students in Cabrini’s Sports Communication minor produce their own sports media content and build a portfolio to impress employers. They work with the Cabrini Athletics Department to gain experience calling live NCAA Division III games, creating social media posts, and producing multimedia packages.

The minor can be paired with a variety of majors such as Digital Communication and Social Media, Exercise Science, or Marketing.

Web Design: The web design minor is intended to provide the design and analytical skills needed for students to gain a competitive professional edge in web-based industries. Student will learn the front-end web development skills responsible for the websites user-facing code and architecture of user experiences. 

For more information on Cabrini’s academic programs, visit cabrini.edu/undergraduate/programs.