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A Cabrini student studying in the library

Subject Area Tutoring 

For spring 2021, all of our Subject Area Tutoring Program tutoring will take place online.  

Please click here for more information about how to connect with academic support. 


We offer individual tutoring and exam review sessions led by student professionals with expertise in select challenging courses.

During individual and group sessions, peer tutors can provide:

  • Support for understanding course concepts
  • Insight into the challenges individual students may face, and the habits and skills that can help them be successful
  • Course-specific test-preparation and test-taking strategies
  • Guidance on disciplinary projects and writing assignments

Mission for Students:

To help you, the students we support, understand concepts, set goals, acquire study skills, and solidify habits that will help you achieve greater success in a given subject area. Our tutors are proficient, not only in the content of the courses they support, but in the skills, tools, and behaviors that support effective study. They are here to help you identify the challenges you face in a given course and work with you to develop a plan for success.

Mission for the University Community:

To support the growth of all learners within the Cabrini University community, especially those in challenging courses, through one-on-one tutoring, group study sessions, and the provision of materials and resources grounded in research and high impact practices. Our purpose is, as a part of the Academic Enrichment Department within the Center for Student Success, to advance the university’s strategic goal to attract and retain a more diverse student body. Our focus, therefore, is supporting courses that act as gateways to advancement toward a Cabrini degree, and courses where D, F, and withdrawal rates are particularly high.

Faculty Information

If you believe your students might benefit from the support of a Subject Area Tutor, we’d love to speak with you. Please contact Kyle Brett, Peer Tutoring Program Coordinator at kb11305@cabrini.edu or 610-902-8443.

Not sure if a Subject Area Tutor or Classroom Coach would be a better fit for your classroom? We’ve highlighted the similarities and differences between the two resources here for your reference, but we invite you to contact Rachel Edwards, Director of Academic Enrichment, at re333@cabrini.edu or 610-902-8573 with any questions you may have.

Faculty collaboration is an essential component of Academic Enrichment’s efforts to meet the changing needs of Cabrini students. Thank you for your involvement in and support for our programs!

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