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Cabrini students in the Center for Teaching and Learning computer lab

Becoming a Subject Area Tutor

Interested in Tutoring?

We're always looking for empathetic students with strong study habits interested in supporting their peers in the Subject Areas.

We consider candidates on a rolling basis, so we invite you to apply at any time.

To express interest in tutoring, please reach out to the Writing Center Coordinator, Rebecca Steffy, at rs10755@cabrini.edu. 

What you can expect of our hiring process:

  1. We’ll collect applications from students and faculty recommendations and review those applications closely.
  2. We’ll schedule an interview with select applicants.
  3. You’ll hear from us before the current semester concludes, and we’ll provide you with information on new tutor training, if applicable.

What we look for in a Subject Area Tutor:

  • An interest in and empathy for why students struggle in your subject area.
  • An awareness of how student behaviors impact student success, perhaps from experience.
  • A curiosity for how learning works.

What else we consider:

  • The courses most in need of tutoring support. We are particularly interested in hiring Subject Area Tutors to support courses that act as gateways to advancement toward a Cabrini degree, and courses where D, F, and withdrawal rates are particularly high.

  • Our program’s financial resources. We may let you know that we do not have the resources to hire you for the upcoming semester, but that we are interested considering your candidacy for a semester following.

  • Our obligation to current tutors. When you become a tutor in our program, we are committed to providing you with a meaningful professional development experience so long as you are interested in tutoring and fulfill the terms of your contract. This may mean that tutoring positions in certain subject areas will open only every few semesters as our senior tutors graduate.