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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you're a student...

What should I expect from a SATP session?

A Subject Area Tutoring (SATP) session begins with your tutor chatting about what brought you into the center, what goals you have for the session, and some introductory information that will help them establish a focus for the session. From there, you will work with a tutor to work on the material and problems that brought you into Academic Enrichment. Tutors are trained to offer specific support to ensure that you leave the session with strategies to further develop your abilities and understanding of the material in your subject area. At the end of the session, a tutor may offer to work with you to establish future goals, or plans for study that will continue to help you as you continue in your coursework. 

How does a tutor help me?

Our peer tutors are trained to offer multiple strategies to approach a given concept or problem. Think of our tutors as a resource that helps you refine and find success in your growth as a student. These tutors have been in the courses that you are currently in. This means that they are familiar with the material, know the professors, and most importantly understand some of the challenges students face in the subject. Our goals are not just to have you leave your sessions confident in solving the topic or problem that you came in with, but to help you continue to refine your skills in that subject. 

May I come see a tutor for one problem or topic?

Yes! Tutors are more than willing  to help you through a particular problem, model strategies to complete the problem, review related topics, and pose more examples to help ensure you are building your skill.

I have an exam coming up. Can I visit with a tutor?

Yes! Our tutors are more than happy to help you review the concepts and complete practice exams. However, unless given specific permission from an instructor, we are not able to work on actual exams. 

How do I make an appointment? 

Visit cabrini.mywconline.com and register for an account, if it is your first time using the platform. After registering, return to the home page and select the schedule that interests you prior to logging in. On the schedule, available appointments are marked in white. Click on a box that works for you and complete the appointment form. Don’t forget to save!  

How many times can I see a tutor?

You can see a tutor in a specific center or program once daily and up to three times a week. Please know that such restrictions are used to ensure that all students have an equal chance to schedule and receive tutoring support. 

How do I cancel or modify an appointment?

Log back into cabrini.mywconline.com and click on your scheduled appointment. You should be able to modify or cancel your appointment up to two hours prior to your scheduled time. 

Will there be virtual or in-person appointments?

Both! While we anticipate returning to normal operation in the fall with face-to-face appointments, we will have limited online hours to ensure that all students are able to receive some form of support.

Where are you located?

As part of Academic Enrichment, the SATP is located in Rooymans Hall, between the Mansion and Holy Spirit Library. 

Who are the tutors?

Our staff is composed of peer tutors. This means that our SATP tutors are students like you who have found success in their math coursework and have a desire to see their peers succeed. 

May I borrow a calculator?

Yes! Please also reach out to the Center for Student Success as they have a more robust stock of calculators that can be loaned for an entire semester. We do have a limited number of calculators in Rooymans Hall, so please reach out to Academic Research staff.

If you are a faculty member...

How can I encourage students to see a tutor?

We find the best way to motivate students to seek out tutoring is by providing them with easily accessible information. We encourage faculty members to link not only to our pages in Academic Enrichment, but also to our WCOnline scheduling system on Blackboard pages. We also encourage you to sign up for beginning of the semester visits by tutors that allow students to meet our staff and hear more about what we do in the SATP and Academic Enrichment. 

Can I offer extra credit for an appointment?

Yes! We welcome any incentive for students to benefit from subject-area tutoring. If you are comfortable allotting extra credit to students who work with a SATP tutor, then please feel free to do so. 

How do I know when a student comes to an appointment?

When beginning a session with a tutor, a student is given the option of having the tutor notify staff or faculty members of that student’s visit. If the student wishes to disclose this information to faculty or staff, then you will receive an email notification with the date and time of the visit.

Academic Enrichment supports student privacy and control of their information. If a student does not wish a faculty member to be notified, then we are unable to acknowledge that they have received support. If you have questions or concerns about this, please reach out to Academic Enrichment. 

Can I get a list of all students who attended a session?

We will be happy to provide you a rough count of students who have attended a session with us, however we will not share information about individual visits unless the student has given permission to do so. Please note that any count that we give may be subject to student-reported errors when signing up for the appointment.