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Tackling the Internship Search

Posted on 2/20/2017 7:35:57 PM by Cecelia Heckman

Extracurriculars, classes, studying, hanging with friends, homework, Netflix, work, sleep. Week by week, these things consume the minds of college students with little energy for much else. But where does the job search fit in?

Realistically, the main reason for many students in college is to one day get a job in their field. One of the best ways to stay on top of this plan for the future while in college is to get involved with internships.

But how do students keep up with everything else on their plate and still have time to search and apply for these internships? And where does one even start looking?

Surprisingly, it doesn’t have to be such a scary task. With a basic résumé and cover letter created, the internship search process becomes a piece of cake.

One of the best ways to get started on the search process is free and located right on Cabrini’s campus! The Center for Career and Professional Development in the Widener Center is a great help in creating your résumé and getting started on the search process.



There are also some easy websites that can give you a headstart on where you may want to look. Sites like indeed.com and glassdoor.com can show hundreds of opportunities for students based on location, job type, company, and much more.

Another easy way to find the right internship is by reaching out to professors in your major. By the end of your sophomore year, the odds are your advisor and other close faculty members know you pretty well and can point you in the direction of where you could apply. They have much more experience in the field of study and also may know of great local places that already have a relationship with Cabrini.

Though it seems like a really stressful thing to be thinking about, just setting aside one day to search online and meet with some experienced Cabrini faculty can set you directly on the path to your future career! The most important thing to remember is stay organized and it’s never too early to start looking.