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What it's like to write for the The Loquitur

Posted on 6/11/2021 10:37:59 PM by Anna Schmader

As a Communication or Digital Communication and Social Media Major, you’re expected to take at least one journalism class that involves writing for The Loquitur. This is a student-run school newspaper covering topics associated with news, lifestyles, sports, and perspectives. Online, there is also a section under "multimedia" that allows for alternative story forms. An alternative story form is an article with an additional infographic or better visual guide. 

These articles may sound somewhat overwhelming to write, but they kept me engaged in the Cabrini community. Since The Loquitur is a student-released newspaper, it is best to relate your articles to Cabrini students and the community. This was especially difficult during the 2020-21 academic year when all you wanted to write about was student's reflections on CDC guidelines about the pandemic. Even though this was (and still somewhat is) a global issue covered everywhere, we were asked to narrow the subject down to more relatable Cabrini community topics.Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 11.00.06 AM.png

Once I finished writing my first article, I soon realized deadlines are crucial to meet; otherwise, you’ll fall behind. Every week I would receive a topic to cover and write about before the following week. Journalism taught me how helpful time management, creativity, and improvement in editing and reporting really are. As frustrating as it was to teach myself discipline every week, I’m grateful to have experienced it, assist on it, and now be an editor. 

If you’re skeptical or have a sharp fixed perception of journalists and/or reporters, please reach out to me (as4737@cabrini.edu). I still perceive some news reporters in a negative light. Still, I grew a deeper appreciation and wider understanding of the work they do to get where they are because of my journalism classes at Cabrini.