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What I Have Learned in my ECG Courses at Cabrini

Posted on 3/5/2020 9:13:41 PM by Marisa Linsky

At any traditional college or institution of higher learning, you will find a list of courses that all students have to complete to graduate. These courses often include English, math, science, foreign language, maybe some form of art or music and others. 

One of the many aspects unique to Cabrini University is our commitment to social justice. We do not just mention social justice in our mission statement or briefly discuss it in the classrooms; social justice teaching is a part of our school's identity. It is noticeable in the programs, clubs, and activities throughout our school. It can be heard in the passing conversations between students, or even across social media. Cabrini students are required to take four courses that focus on social justice classes, known as Engagement with the Common Good or ECGs, throughout their time at Cabrini.

ECGs can cover topics anywhere from 20th-century imperialism, to food insecurity, to addiction and substance abuse. ECG courses fully immerse students into the topics being discussed, whether that involves re-enacting a meeting of world nations or listening to the story of a woman who struggled with alcoholism and has now been sober for twenty years. Some ECG courses even allow students to travel to another country during spring break to serve a community and live fully immersed in that country's culture for a week.

ECG courses at Cabrini not only teach students about the world around them but about themselves. Before taking my ECG courses at Cabrini, I never thought I would be able to speak so passionately about my beliefs. My past few semesters at Cabrini have taught me that as much as the purpose of my education is to better myself, it is also to benefit others. I strive to use my education of social justice to be a voice for those who are not heard by society. As a future high school teacher, I want to be able to be a mentor and friend to my students, and teach them to be kind and passionate in all that they do. 

My Engagement with the Common Good classes have taught me so much about myself and my purpose in life. I look forward to taking all that I have learned in my courses at Cabrini and applying that knowledge to every aspect of the world around me.