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Support Services

Examples of ARC support services and reasonable accommodations:

  • classroom and testing accommodations
  • assistance with course selection
  • individual academic support 

Confidentiality and Disclosure

Disclosure of a disability is voluntary and confidential:

  • not part of the student’s academic record
  • not released without consent, unless required by law

To be eligible for services and accommodations, a student must meet the following criteria: 

  • have an identified disability as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 
  • submit appropriate documentation of a disability  
  • contact the Accessibility Resource Center in a timely fashion to request services and accommodations 

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any required documentation. The cost of the required documentation is also the student’s responsibility. Resource information to obtain testing evaluations can be obtained by emailing the ARC at ARC@cabrini.edu  

Determination of Accommodations 
Cabrini provides reasonable academic adjustments for otherwise-qualified students who disclose a disability that causes functional limitations in an academic setting.

  • These accommodations are intended to help a student compensate as much as possible for the effects of a disability; they do not guarantee success, rather they provide access to learning and assessments.
  • Cabrini is not obligated to make an adjustment that substantially alters an essential element of a course or program, or imposes an undue financial or administrative burden on the institution. 

Appropriate accommodations are determined by the Accessibility Resource Center in conjunction with the student, based on the following considerations: 

  • functional limitations caused by the disability as indicated in the documentation 
  • the student’s description of need 
  • course requirements 

How to Obtain Support Services and Accommodations 

  1. To apply, complete and submit the Accessibility Resource Center Support Services Application.  
  2. The Accessibility Resource Center will contact you to schedule an appointment and prepare a VISA (Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations) for instructors, when indicated.

It is the student’s responsibility to present a copy of the VISA to each instructor and to request an academic adjustment. 

  • A student who requires a testing accommodation should discuss arrangements with the instructor well in advance of the exam date.
  • Without advance notice, it might not be possible to provide the accommodation on the day of the test.
  • Students and faculty are encouraged to make specific arrangements together as much as possible. When circumstances make this impossible, the Director will assist with arrangements to the extent that space and resources allow.

For accommodations requiring considerable planning and preparation (e.g., sign language interpreter), it is strongly recommended that requests be made at least one month before the first class. Such notice will help to alleviate unnecessary inconveniences.

Students taking tests with accommodations are expected to comply with the Cabrini Academic Honesty Policy.