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When School Becomes Sickening

Posted on 11/15/2016 9:15:39 PM by Sarah Davis

Maybe you love school, maybe not so much. Your feelings could be entirely disconnected from the institution that you attend and simply draw from your affinity or natural distaste for books and classes. Still, school can make you sick. Or at least the environment and lifestyle associated with the academic life can be challenging to your health. There’s a lot that you have to do and a lot that you want to do, and while finding a balance between the two is important, it can be stressful when added all together. And as invincible as we may feel at our bests, the sad truth is that our immune systems can only take so much.

 Woman says she can take care of herself, but turns and falls

That October-November stretch is a tough one. Everyone is either getting sick or has already gotten sick, and you don’t know if it’s your hypochondria or if that scratchy throat is actually the start of something bad. The only things you can do are to try to eat well, get some sleep, try (key word) to minimize stress, and keep your place clean. But when all that's not enough and you fall victim to a cold or worse, panic can set in. That paper is still due, the exam day isn’t going to change, and your boss is relying on you to be there.

 Steve Harvey shakes his head nervously

All you can think about, though, is home. Yup, home. Even the most determined and independent spirit can melt from a fever. Maybe you can go home, and if you are contagious then I can’t encourage you enough to please do so. But what if going home isn’t an option? Don’t worry, your Cabrini home has your back. Being aware of your resources can make sick season much more manageable. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Campus Nurse/ Doctor: the nurse can help you figure out what is going on and can even give you some medicine according to your symptoms. There is also a doctor who comes once a week that is available for anything more serious. If anything is beyond their expertise, then they will help you know where and when to go. *Please note: the nurse can’t write you an excuse to get you out of class just because you go to see her. Don’t fake being sick to skip an assignment; karma keeps track.

    Lucky visits the doctor but pretends to be fine

  • Public Safety: always have their number in your contacts in case of emergencies, whether for you or a friend. They can provide an immediate response and call for outside care if needed.

    Man juggles fire while asking for help

  • Nearby Clinics: our location is pretty convenient when it comes to having to find a pharmacy or health clinic. If you or a friend has a car, you can be there in a matter of minutes. Just be sure to check their websites to make sure they accept your insurance before you go.

    little boy screams as older friend drives quickly

  • Friends: talk to people to find out what their remedies are. You might just find something new that works.

    Male friend knocks book out of other friend's hand, telling him to google it

  • Parents: you might not be able to go home, but it can help to give the parents a call. It’s funny how much they suddenly know about adulting when you need it. If your parents can’t help, then try your roommate’s or another friend’s. Parents naturally want to give advice to ailing children.

Dad saves child from falling off of slide


Whatever you do, relax and remember that you will get through this.

American Idol judge forcefully points and says, "I am rooting for you"