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Commuting and Free Time

Posted on 11/2/2016 2:27:57 PM by Brooke Famous

As a commuter, I find myself wondering what to do with my free time on campus. Do I start working on homework that is due next week? Do I hang out with friends? The possibilities are endless. 


While you are on campus, there are activities that you can do so that you don’t feel like time is lagging on while you wait for your next class to start. 

On-Campus Activities

While most events or activities happen at night, there are some that happen throughout the day.

On campus, there are 50 clubs and organizations that you can join during your free time. These clubs consist of honor societies, associations, language clubs, et cetera. There are also leadership programs that you can get involved in that help with expanding your knowledge and life skills. For more information, email getinvolved@cabrini.edu or check out the list of organizations

Depending on the month, events differ. But, don’t fret! What you can do is check the events calendar on Cabrini’s website or the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership’s website. Both of those websites give you the events and necessary information for what is going on during each month. What you can also do is catch some sporting events or practices if you have the time. 

In the Athletics & Recreation Pavilion, you have different options for your fitness needs, if you feel the need to work out in your free time. The Pavilion offers studios for exercising, a basketball court, a training and rehabilitation room, a strength and conditioning room, as well as a lobby with a café and space to hang out with your friends. 

Off-Campus Activities

Since Cabrini is located in Radnor, there are a lot of places around us that we can go to during free time. 

King of Prussia

King of Prussia Mall
Escape Room
The Encampment Store
The Justice Bell

Valley Forge

Valley Forge National Historical Park
Washington Memorial Chapel
National Memorial Arch
Freedoms Foundation
Word of Scouting Museum


Wayne is the closest location out of the three locations.

Chanticleer Garden
Lancaster County Farmers Market
Wayne Art Center
Wayne Theatre 

Other nearby locations with lots to do include Ardmore (shops, food, movie theaters), Bryn Mawr (food, landmarks, film institution), and Villanova (food, theatre).