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Tips and Tricks of being Gluten-Free on Cabrini's Campus

Posted on 6/13/2023 12:07:27 PM by Marrin Specht

How to: Eat at Cabrini When You’re Gluten-Free

I recently discovered that I have a sensitivity to gluten and because of this, I cut it out entirely. Which was hard at first and then increasingly became so easy to live with. There are only a handful of us on campus that are gluten-free and we tend to stick together and find places on and around campus that have the best of gluten-free. 

Starting on campus after making new friends who share my allergy we share tips with each other for the best food options on campus. In the dining hall, the deli station serves gluten-free white bread, and in the back at Home Town, they have even more options. Obviously, we have the pasta available whenever, but the real secret is asking about other options. Not only is the staff amazing but they are so helpful when it comes to allergies. They, upon request, can make a gluten-free pizza and have gluten-free brownies and cookies to hand out. They do not put these options out so that way students don’t get confused and eat the wrong thing. Asking around campus has made the world of a difference. 

At the Grill, they also have gluten-free bread to be served with grilled chicken sandwiches and burgers. Here there is also a wide variety of quick and easy snacks that aren’t just fruit based. All of the Kind bars are gluten-free as well as most chips and candy, for those who don’t already have it an app called The Gluten-free Scanner helps to ensure you’re picking up the right thing. 

Chef making gluten free sandwichOff-campus food is even easier being five minutes from pretty much anything you can dream of eating. Even small bakeries in the area are entirely gluten-free, other than that Trader Joe's has the best gluten-free quick, and easy foods to heat up, make, or snack on.

My favorite snacks and foods to grab at Trader Joe’s are freeze-dried fruit, spinach artichoke dip, and tortilla chips, the best bread, delicious muffins, as well as a wide variety of frozen quick meals to make on a busy night filled with homework. 

Overall, it’s easier than people think to be gluten-free and especially on a budget. My biggest tips are to research and ask around, you never know when you can find your favorites in a gluten-free option!