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Rock painted with Cabrini Cavalier head

Did You Know? Quick Facts and Stats About Cabrini University

Posted on 3/22/2018 3:24:58 PM by Rachael Tygh

Cabrini University is filled with fun facts and information that you may not know. It may seem like a small university tucked away in the woods, but it has a lot of history and much to offer. I encourage you to explore the Cabrini website and all the social media that they have to offer to keep you updated on new and exciting things taking place on campus. You can check out and follow various Cabrini accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

1. Cabrini was Founded in 1957

2. Cabrini University is a residential Catholic institution

3. Who is welcome at Cabrini? Everyone! Cabrini welcomes learners of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds

4. Cabrini is right around the corner from the King Of Prussia Mall for all your shopping wants and needs

5. What and who makes up Cabrini University?

  • 2,436 students (1,650 undergraduate and 786 graduate)

  • 34% male, 66% female

  • 37% student diversity

  • 33% first-generation students
  • 21 states and 17 countries represented

6. Who are your teachers? 92% of full-time faculty have doctoral or terminal degrees.

  • This aspect is especially helpful when trying to connect with employers for future jobs and after graduation.

7. Get involved! There are 50-plus student clubs and organizations, plus honor societies! 

  • There is something for everyone to participate in. This is also a great way to make connections or get more involved in your major.

8.  In sports? Since 1993, there have been 100 conference championships!

9. 60% of the undergraduate class live on campus in the many residential options offered

10. 90% of first-year students live on campus, many in themed Living and Learning Communities 

  • Living on campus is especially convenient if you have early classes, this way your commute is simplistic!

11. Beep Beep! Does a commuter lifestyle sound appealing to you? 40% of students commute to Cabrini University.

12. Cabrini was named a University in 2016!

13. What can you look forward to after graduation? 92% of Cabrini graduates are employed, in graduate school, or completing a year of service within 10 months of graduating. The options are endless!

14. This is more or less a fun fact, but the absolute truth. The staff and students at Cabrini are positively the best group of people. No matter who you run into on campus, they are always helpful and genuine. When you come to Cabrini, expect to be welcomed with open arms and genuinely nice people who want to help you learn and grow in every way possible.