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Catholic Identity and Values

Charter of Core Values

Our core values emanate from the life of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, the charism of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, and the Catholic educational tradition.

In response to Frances Cabrini’s desire to provide an “education of the heart”—a Catholic, Cabrinian education, centered in Christ and ever mindful of the dignity and contribution of each person— the members of this community, through a collaborative process, have enunciated these values which exist as a standard for our activities and as a hallmark for all future development.

Education of the Heart is achieved through the core values of:

  • Respect
    We strive for a reverence of self and others manifested in trust and appreciation. 
    • Respect calls for care and compassion in regard to, diversity, our environment, social justice, and civility in resolving conflict. 
    • Cabrini strives to promote the integrity of each person, thus serving the vital and vibrant good of all.

  • Vision
    Inspired by the indomitable spirit of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, we strive to promote and foster innovation and creativity. 
    • Vision calls for a spiritually based outlook when seeking solutions, courage, and a proactive stewardship of all present and future resources. 
    • We accept the challenge to live our lives according to the Cabrinian vision and values.

  • Community
    We strive to strengthen community by uniting diverse individuals and their aspirations in shared endeavor. 
    • Community calls for common mission, ethical responsibility, a sense of belonging, dialogue in decision making, enthusiasm for the enterprise, and participation in the celebration of our values and traditions. 
    • The Cabrini community seeks to maintain an environment of receptivity and hospitality for all and create union while nurturing individual gifts and talents.

  • Dedication to Excellence
    To maximize the potential of the individual and community we strive for the education of the whole person—intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual. 
    • Dedication to Excellence calls for positive attitude, commitment to lifelong learning, personal and professional growth, pride in accomplishment, and fulfillment of common goals. 
    • At the heart of our dedication to excellence is the desire to be our best in the service of our students and all others.

Because we are an institution of process and constant development, what we are must always progress toward what we ought to be.

It is our hope that, in our constant effort to evaluate our growth, we aim for a point of coincidence in which the values that determine what we are become one with what we ought to be.

Catholic Identity Statement

Cabrini University is a vital and distinctive element of the international educational ministry of the Roman Catholic Church and the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

As a Roman Catholic institution, Cabrini University affirms that God’s love, expressed in the relationship among Creator, Redeemer, and Spirit, invites all people to form vibrant, caring communities.

The College manifests this belief by:

  • respecting the dignity of the human person as created in the image and likeness of God
  • providing opportunities for prayer, reflection and the study of Sacred Scripture
  • celebrating liturgy and participating in the Sacraments
  • respecting the beliefs of those members of other religions and spiritual traditions and inviting them to share the gifts they bring to the community
  • providing a liberal arts education rich in values and offering opportunities for spiritual, intellectual, and ethical growth
  • demonstrating leadership in service to the community
  • standing in solidarity with those who are poor, forgotten, and oppressed
  • participating in the creation and development of societal structures that are humane, just and respectful of the rights and dignity of the human person

Inspired by the example of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, who dedicated her life to making the love of Jesus visible in the world, we, as a college community, continually strive to make this vision of Catholic identity a reality throughout the living and learning environment of Cabrini.

Vision. Impact. Growth.

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