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Policies and Procedures

ImpactCabrini is designed to bring people together, empowering all to have an impact on the Cabrini community. By bringing people together, we can turn small gifts into big change.

For more information, visit impact.cabrini.edu.

These are some of the types of fundraising campaigns that may be pursued: Cabrini Fund, textbook funds, scholarships, addressing food insecurity, specific athletic team needs, theatre productions, service immersion outreaches, domestic violence education, and a campus environmental project.

This crowdfunding system is housed within the Cabrini University brand and is managed by the University. As such, the Office of Institutional Advancement must approve any campaign in goal, concept, organization, and execution, and the Office of Marketing and Communications must approve all imagery and wording.

ImpactCabrini adheres to the best practices in higher rducation crowdfunding, including protection of data, reporting, and use of funds.

The Office of Institutional Advancement, which manages ImpactCabrini, will have the following among its guiding principles:

  • The number of crowdfunding campaigns will be limited in each year but, over time, every area of the University will benefit. Crowdfunding is not the best fundraising tool for some projects and the Office of Institutional Advancement can help in other ways for those goals.
  • Care must be taken not to adversely affect other fundraising campaigns. Crowdfunding works when potential donors are not saturated with requests. At an institution the size of Cabrini, six to eight diverse campaigns a year may be the limit.
  • The financial goal of each campaign will be made in consultation with the project leaders and approved by the Office of Institutional Advancement.
  • Federal, state, and local laws—as well as ethical transparency and fiduciary standards—will be maintained and can be a reason why a proposed project is rejected from consideration.
  • The campaign platform team and the Office of Institutional Advancement will follow best practices in ethical guidelines avoiding improper personal gain from a campaign. For example, this means funds raised must go to the common goal and that crowdfunding will not be used to pay for personal vacations or to assist a private venture.
  • Any research funding initiatives must comply with state and federal guidelines.
  • Crowdfunding works best when the people most interested in the cause lead by example and when campaigns are 30 to 45 days.

Any crowdfunding campaign of Cabrini University requires the following:

  • A completed, submitted application at least four months ahead of the planned start of the campaign 
  • The application will include a list of project or campaign leaders
  • A list of at least 50 likely donors and their emails
  • Generally, a commitment of one hour a week from the leader(s) in the 60 days leading up the public or active phase of the campaign
  • A commitment of one hour a week during the active phase
  • A commitment to follow up and steward the donors after the campaign has ended, for a period as long as one year

Thank-you emails are required to be sent by a team member to donors within five days of the donation. We can provide a thank you template to help teams.

Team members will assist in updating the progress of the campaign in cooperation with the Office of Institutional Advancement. For example, this may include an updated video letting donors know how the campaign is progressing.

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