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College Advice You've Probably Never Heard Before

Posted on 2/2/2020 2:09:25 AM by Katie McCauley

When you get to college, plenty of people will give you advice; it’s mostly stuff you’ve heard before and will definitely hear again. “Wear shoes in the shower,” “Join extracurriculars,” “Do all your homework,” etc. However, there is some uncommon advice that students need to hear before they can be a successful college student. As a college student, it is my honor to fill you in on some of the top advice you need to hear before you go to school.

  1. Take some classes you normally wouldn’t take. Take it from someone who managed to have a lot of fun in religion, philosophy, and science classes - none of which I would have thought to take voluntarily. Expand your horizons, and try taking a class you never would have thought to before. If you have the time, try something new! I just had a philosophy professor tell me he once took a poetry class that changed his life; it’s never not worth it to take something you may love.

  2. Make a schedule. Truly, schedule out everything - when you’re going to do homework, when you’re going to eat meals, when you’re going to make time to do things you want to do. In order to have time, you have to make time; make time for yourself, your work, and your friends. A schedule will help you not only to take breaks but to be motivated to actually do your work!

  3. Branch out. Just like you should take classes you would usually never take, you should talk to people you’d usually never talk to. Make friends in your classes, your clubs, your dorm hall. If you’re shy, try just one or two people at first, and see where that takes you. Everyone is just as lost and lonely as you are, and as soon as you learn that, you will be freer than you could possibly know.

  4. You do not need as much food as you think you do. Snacks are all well and good, but unless you live in the apartments, there’s rarely time (or money, or space) to make meals. Cut costs by avoiding meals you’ll need to make at home because more often than not, you’ll be eating at the dining hall. That being said, however…

  5. Remember to eat. Period. On the same note as number four, sometimes, you’ll have reasons to skip meals - a class that runs right through dinner, or a meeting you just have to get to. Don’t skip meals! In order to keep yourself happy and healthy, you’ll need to work for yourself. If you have a class that runs through dinner hours (4:30 to 7:00), there are other options. For example, you can head to Cru5h for some late-night meals, or grab some takeout at the end of the night. If you have a meeting, either bring food to the meeting or make sure to grab food afterward. Or, if you absolutely cannot eat on campus, you can spare a can of Spaghettios or a box of rice here or there. 

  6. You are worth the effort. No matter what, there is work to be done on and for yourself. You come first - not grades, not friends, not work. You. You are worth so much more than you even know. Take care of yourself!

This advice may be uncommon, but it is absolutely vital. Remember that you have to be the one to make a change; and no matter what, you’re going to be amazing!