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Eight Unique Events for Cabrini Students

Posted on 7/3/2019 7:35:37 PM by Katie McCauley

Cabrini University is a host of countless activities for every student. Many worry that it’s too small of a school and that that equates to “boring,” but even if the campus is small, that makes the community even stronger. The students get to know each other, and even become like family, especially through the various events around campus. From movie nights to festivals, there are plenty of exciting things to do around campus, and with your fellow students too!

  1. Movie Nights - From fun romantic comedies to tell all documentaries, Cabrini University movie nights can be the talk of the campus. Some are sponsored by various clubs, or just by the SEaL office, and they’re always a good time, usually with snacks and good company provided. Whether gathered in the Widener Lecture Hall or outside under the stars on the commons, a movie night on Cabrini's campus is always a trip worth taking.

  2. Special Guests - Cabrini oftentimes receives special guests. Former alumni, comedians, magicians - Cabrini pulls out all the stops to provide unique and interesting experiences for their students. Just in the last year, Cabrini’s visitors have included a past pageant queen who worked hard to earn her doctorate and a transgender social media influencer who spoke on the importance of her experience at a small school. There have also been improv groups, practicing Wiccans, and other incredible guests in the past.

  3. BINGO - Though it may seem boring and too old for college students, BINGO is actually one of the most interesting events on campus. So many students attend the monthly BINGO event, not just in the hopes to win something, but just to have a good time. The BINGO competitions aren’t actually about the competition, but about the friends, you make along the way.

  4. Quizzo - If BINGO isn’t your speed, Quizzo may be more up your alley. The members of the SEaL office give their students trivia questions about pop culture for chances to win prizes such as gift cards to Wawa, the bookstore, and the gas station. The prizes are an excellent incentive for an even better experience, and all it takes is one trip to the cafeteria to join in on the fun.

  5. Dances - School dances may not be for everyone, but they are certainly a lot of fun for those who do enjoy it. There’s music, food, and fun for all to enjoy at the dances, and everyone is welcome inside. Grab a group of friends and head to the dance floor for a good time.

  6. Painting With a Twist - Get your art supplies and head to the Cabrini Bean, because Painting With a Twist is one of the coolest events on campus. If you’re over 21, you can enjoy alcoholic beverages with your friends while painting, and if not, you can just enjoy a goofy night playing with paint. Though you can follow around with the instructor’s work, you don’t have to; you can get creative too! Even if you’re not artistic or you don’t like to drink, you can still have a fun time playing with paint and making something you can hang on your dorm wall!

  7. Festivals and Carnivals - No matter who you are, a carnival at Cabrini is guaranteed to be a great time for all involved. Not only is there food and drinks, but fun games too, from Twister to spinning a wheel for which you can win a prize and much more. Hang out with your friends, grab some popcorn, and relax at the Winter Carnival, the Unity Week Festival, or any of the other fun carnivals and events on campus.

  8. Sports Games - If none of the last few things have been your ideal, try attending one of Cabrini’s many team games. Lacrosse, soccer, swimming - there’s always fun to be had with the Cabrini teams, especially considering our Lacrosse team are the National Division-III champions

There’s never a dull moment on Cabrini’s campus. Whether in for a night of art and wine with friends or a day full of fun festivities, you can always have a great time as a Cabrini cavalier.