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Dual Majoring in International Business and Marketing

Posted on 6/13/2023 11:14:08 AM by Marrin Specht

When I came to Cabrini, I knew that I wanted to be an International Business major, and shortly after my first year here, I declared that as my major but also Marketing. The question I get the most is, why be both an International Business and Marketing major? 

For me, the world is my oyster. After traveling alone out of the country at age 15, I learned that the world is a massive place to explore. I know people always say this, but what do I mean? I love learning about culture and what makes people different from myself. I also have a passion for the great outdoors, I have marveled at the sights I have seen during my travels. I wanted a major that could lead me to a job that would allow me to travel during at least my twenties, and International Business allows me to do this. 


Many people aren’t sure where to go after getting this degree, but there’s a ton of opportunity! I started out wanting to work at embassies around the globe. Then I liked the idea of international government work outside of embassies. Later in my academic career here at Cabrini, I realized I had the same excitement about Marketing and declared it as a second major. 

I love art and creativity, and because of this, Marketing was easy because I can do something creative and work with amazing people. I want to market to the whole world now, work for a company that has offices everywhere that I can go to, or work from home. 

When I graduate, I will have more possibilities than the eye can even meet!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the opportunities, but everyone at Cabrini has inspired me to keep taking the path of what brings me joy in life. Without all my professors and other great people here at Cabrini, I am not sure I would be living to find my purpose.