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3 Ways to Have the Best Orientation Weekend

Posted on 7/12/2023 1:33:11 PM by Marrin Specht

For those who will be living on campus, I am starting with my best pointer for packing all your belongings to prepare for Move-In Day because this is the first step for many students before Orientation events begin.

Having all your belongings in tubes, boxes, or bags really helps speed up the process and won’t break your back! Boxes are a few dollars at Home Depot, bins can range from $12- $42 at Target or Walmart, and Ikea has great large bags if that's your style!

Packing everything neatly in an easy-to-carry item makes everyone's morning go by faster. After all, the quicker we get your belongings in your new home, the faster you can decorate your space and then prepare for the rest of Orientation Weekend!

I was an Orientation Leader for two years and had an absolute blast, not only did we love helping incoming students, but we had so much fun brightening people's day.

Students at orientation event

Now, regarding Orientation Weekend, it is up to you to make the best of it. Orientation is meant to be fun and exciting. It can lead to lasting memories, new friends, free stuff, and so much more if you give it the chance!

The entire weekend is jam-packed with fun things to do, good food, things to win, and, yes some less exciting, but necessary conversations. I will say the orientation coordinator does a great job of inviting guest speakers to campus to help make those boring conversations more fun, I have even caught myself laughing at these events.

The best and easiest way to have a great orientation is to show up with a good attitude or at least try your best. The Orientation Leaders try their best to help you and genuinely want to have a good time, so help them make that possible! 

Moon Bounce outside

Lastly, a super easy tip, GO to all the events! Not many people tell you this, but many events give out free stuff, t-shirts, food, drinks, stickers, etc. The events are there for you to have fun, and it's also a great way to meet people. I am still friends with the people I met in those few days, years later.

As an Orientation Leader, I have many great memories of these events, especially at the bounce house, movie nights, bingo, and bonfires we have had over the years.

Every year I look forward to what the Orientation Leadership team has planned, and even this year, as a senior going to be an RA, I plan on attending the events I can because it’s always a great time. This year, the "kickback," movie night, and bonfire are what I’m looking forward to most; hope to CU there!

Check out this year's Orientation schedule now! 

Student grabbing pizza