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Learn About Cabrini's Outdoor Club

Posted on 2/16/2023 9:21:12 AM by Student Ambassadors

I joined Cabrini’s Outdoor club during my freshman year and was immediately welcomed and felt very comfortable. The club has weekly meetings on Fridays from 6:30-9pm at the rock-climbing gym down the road, Gravity Vault. I had never done rock climbing or anything like it before I joined the club, but that didn’t cause a problem for me fitting into the atmosphere. I had been a three-sport athlete my entire high school career and was looking for active things to do on campus. So, when I found out we had an Outdoor Club, I figured I’d give it a shot. I’m so glad I did because the club is full of amazing people that I would have never met otherwise!

I came to the first meeting completely clueless about everything rock climbing. The “vets” of the club took the time and effort into teaching me how to club and making every meeting a fun and encouraging space. Now, a “vet” myself, it makes me so happy when new people come in and talk about how nice and encouraging everyone is and how fun rock climbing turned out to be.

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While rock climbing is the main thing the club does, it isn’t the only thing sponsored by the Outdoor Club. Weekend hikes are a reoccurring adventure whenever the weather permits us to get out into nature. We’ve gone ziplining, we’ve also gone to Noristown zoo, where I got to feed giraffes which was such a cool experience. Kayaking and horseback riding are also some things we try to do when the weather permits.

The people I met through the club during my freshman year, have become some of my closest friends. We are always open to new suggestions and ideas about the club's activities! If you’re interested in meeting everyone, you can sign up through the activities tab on Dixon’s website!