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Keeping Up with Your School Work

Posted on 2/6/2020 3:22:57 PM by Brenna Walters

Keeping up with when homework, projects, and quizzes are due is difficult! If you don't write anything down, you're left thinking, "when is the test for that class?" with the professor that does not post due dates on Blackboard. Organizing may not come naturally to you. It's easier to organize for some people than it is for others. I have not been very organized with schoolwork in previous semesters, and I learned the hard way. Last semester, I was missing a lot of homework, forgetting about projects, and not studying for tests and quizzes. So, this semester I decided I was going to force myself to be organized before I created my own chaos! I looked at all of my syllabuses ahead of time and wrote on a calendar when everything was due and when I had tests and quizzes. Then, I color-coded all of these assignments to my classes. It has been working really well, and other people have been complimenting me on my organization!

Leslie from "Parks and Rec" is keeping herself organized

Even if you are not organized yet, it is not too late to start! I suggest writing everything down in a notebook or planner and making yourself look at it in your free time. This will get you in the habit of checking your planner for what assignments are due or upcoming. Also, get ahead and motivate yourself to complete homework and projects when you get back to your room or your house from class. This will keep you from procrastinating. Once you start procrastinating, that turns into assignments and studying never getting done or not working to the level you can when you put in the time! Then, you also have extra time to make sure you didn't make any mistakes! Get organized this semester in order to be successful!